Adele Azupadi is a former resident of Stowey House I and Stowey House II.

Adele studied fashion and worked in a clothes shop. At the end of the season 1, we saw her prepare to leave. In season 2, we saw she had moved into a small bed-sit. After a visit from Tracy and a trip to her old home she realised she didn't like being alone so moved back to the Dumping Ground until she was ready.

She is sensible and kind but can get annoyed sometimes when she doesn't get her own way. Adele had lived at the Dumping Ground since she was Maxy's age, and was looked after by an older resident called Leah, who later returned as a temporary care worker when Jenny was in hospital due to an ingrown toe nail.


  • In the books, Adele was sixteen and had a Saturday job at BHS.