Amy-Leigh Hickman (born September 16, 1997) portrays Carmen Howle in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.


Amy has 4 siblings.[1]


Hickman auditioned for the role of Carmen in 2008 then received the role in late 2008. She started filming in July 2009, under the show's working title of Beaker's Back.

Hickman has also made appearances in EastEnders, Strike Back, Doctors, Casualty and Safe, in addition to her role in the Tracy Beaker franchise in the years since.

Hickman can be currently seen in the second series of Ackley Bridge, where she plays the role of a young Muslim lesbian called Nasreen. The series is currently being shown on Channel 4 in the UK, as well as a variety of overseas TV networks.

Her role in the show has been well received by TV critics, while Hickman herself has been vocally full of praise for the script writers' way of striking a perfect balance in the difficult topics of one's conflict of their religion and sexuality, and Nasreen discovering her sexual identity in the show.

Other work

Hickman has delved into other career paths in recent years.

In 2014, she starred in a pantomime of Aladdin at the Penyrheol Theatre in Swansea as Princess Jasmin, alongside Leona Vaughan from the CBBC show Wolfblood. She returned to that theatre the following year to play the role of Jill in Sleeping Beauty, alongside fellow TBR/TDG co-star Joe Maw, who played the corresponding Jack.

Hickman returned to pantomime for a final time in 2016, performing the role of Princess Briar Rose in another portrayal of Sleeping Beauty, though this time at The Sunderland Empire, alongside Faye Tozer from the pop band Steps and former Coronation Street actress Vicky Entwistle, among others.

She worked as a freelance journalist at music magazine NME in 2015, where she interviewed an array of musicians and bands, whilst also reviewing newly released albums.

In 2016, Hickman worked with Nationwide Education on the web series Get Real With Money, aimed at young people with the objective of educating them about money management and finances. The series was accompanied on their website by work sheets for school classrooms and other relevant activities.

She has also made public her interest in British Politics, namely her opposition to austerity and the Conservative government, along with her admiration for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Hickman has since joined the Labour Party, working as an activist during elections from time-to-time. Hickman voted Remain in the 2016 EU referendum and has canvassed for Labour at elections in recent years.

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