Camilla "Cam" Lawson, is the adoptive mother of Tracy Beaker, ex-wife of Gary and a struggling turned successful author.



In the first book, Cam visits the Dumping Ground and when she meets Tracy, she starts to take her out. She eventually fosters her.

In the second book, Tracy and Cam constantly argue, until her real mum turns up. Cam starts to become disappointed when Tracy starts to bond with her. However, when she lets her down again, Tracy moves back with her.

Television Series

Cam first visits the DG in the episode Cam's House. Tracy tries to get her attention by using Adele's make up, but ends up looking like a clown. When Cam reads her stories, she is pleased and she makes a return visit later that series. Here, Tracy asked Cam to find her mum, but she does not after learning the truth from the care workers (i.e. that Tracy's mother knows where to find her). Tracy forgives her after getting mad. Eventually, Cam starts thinking about fostering her and she does in the season 1 finale.

In the second season, Tracy swears never to see Cam again after she returns her to the DG after she sets fire to their kitchen. However, this does not last and they make up, but Cam is hesitant to foster her again for the moment. When she learns that Tracy is being fostered by Ben's aunt and uncle, she becomes upset and when Tracy finds out about it, she decides to go for a holiday.

In the third season, Cam leaves for New York for a writing course, but returns after she hears that Tracy is hospitalised for appendicitis. Later Cam announces her intentions to and eventually writes a novel about a girl in care. She falls out with Tracy again after Tracy reads the ending and discovers that her inspiring character does not get fostered. They make up again afterwards.

The movie is when Cam decides to foster Tracy again. However, Tracy's mum turns up and soon it looks like they might live together again. When Tracy goes off to find her mum after she leaves, Cam is distraught and as soon as she finds out where she is, she goes after her in the DG minibus, with Justine in tow. When they find her, Cam realises that Tracy's mum does not care for her and she persuades her to let her foster Tracy.

In the fourth season, Cam and Tracy are living together again. In the episode Meet The Parent, Cam's mum visits and they get along with her. In the final episode We're Off The Map Now, she takes Tracy to Jackie and Bouncer's leaving party and they float away in a hot air balloon.

In the fifth season, Cam and Tracy are on holiday in Egypt, where Cam meets a man called Gary, whom she falls in love with. When they return to England, Tracy angrily returns to the Dumping Ground because Gary is moving in. She and Tracy make up in the episode Moving On and she starts to bond with Gary, until Cam reveals that she and Gary are getting married. On the day of their wedding in the episode The Wedding, Tracy, having been convinvced and Cam and Gary will not abandon her, turns up at the wedding to hear them say "I do". Afterwards, Cam and Gary tell Tracy that they are adopting her, before they leave on their honeymoon.

Sometime between the end of the classic series and the start of Tracy Beaker Returns, Cam and Gary divorced, though we are never told the reason why.

In the first episode Tracy Beaker Superstar, Tracy uses Cam's credit card to publish her autobiography, and is arrested for it. When Cam, who is in New York, hears about this, she says that she will drop the charges on the condition that Tracy pays her back. To get the money, Tracy gets a job as a careworker at the Dumping Ground. In her first week, Tracy discovers that Cam and Mike had kept a letter from her birth mum a secret for years. Tracy goes home to yell at Cam for doing this, but they make up afterwards and Tracy burns the letter. After this, Tracy sometimes cheekily blames Cam when things go wrong, such as for the events of the episode Anarchy in the DG. In the season 1 finale, when Tracy announces that she has been offered a job in London and will be leaving, Mike asks Cam to foster another child. Cam disagrees, but Johnny overhears a later phone call saying that there is no point fostering again if Tracy is not going to move out, prompting him to decide to be interviewed by Tracy in another scheme to get himself and Tee fostered. When Cam learns of this, she goes to the DG to see Johnny and Tee to tell them that it is not definitive that she will foster again.

In the second season, Cam fosters Lily Kettle after she falls off the roof of the Dumping Ground during a protest. In the final episode Chain Reaction, Cam is back in New York, but whilst she was only supposed to go for a few weeks, she tells Tracy that she has been given an opportunity to stay for six months, and that she has accepted it.

In the third season, Cam is still in New York and Tracy communicates to her via instant messenger and eventually returns to England.

Cam is also seen in The Tracy Beaker Survival Files where she is interviewed a few times by Tracy.