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Carly Beaker is the biological mother of Tracy Beaker.

Carly in the television series

In the first season of the classic series, Tracy's mother (at this point unnamed) was often seen in cartoon animations where Tracy would fantasise about her mother being a famous actress who lives in a large house, has a posh limo, enjoyed spending time with her and would come to collect her someday. However, many of these fantasies were then followed up with a live action scene of how Tracy's mother actually treated her, including leaving her at home while she went out.

Tracy's mother, now named Carly, was finally seen in person in The Movie of Me where she arrived at the DG a few days before Tracy's 13th birthday. She took Tracy for a day out in London. On being asked why she left her behind, Carly told Tracy that she had her when she was a teenager and could not cope and so was forced to give her up. Later, Tracy had a dream where we saw Jennny and Mike take Tracy into care. Carly returned to the Dumping Ground the following day to take Tracy out again, but left believing Elaine was criticising her for being a bad parent (in reality she only wanted to know where they were going). Tracy followed her mum to Hopeston where she learnt her mum is a stunt actress. Unfortunately, Carly ended up forgetting Tracy's birthday which led to Tracy seeing her in the nightclub. Carly then revealed that she had a surprise for Tracy - she was going to take her to live with her in Hollywood. Hearing this, Tracy ended up deciding that she wanted to live with Cam. Although she was upset at first at saying goodbye to her daughter, Carly ended up deciding it was for the best and gave her blessing for Cam to foster Tracy.

In Tracy Beaker Returns, Tracy's mother was often mentioned to have wanted to visit Tracy at the Dumping Ground, but kept falling through with her promises and Tracy also claimed to have never seen her. Tracy's mother made one last appearance in a cartoon animation in the season 2 finale where she is on a boat with Cam and Tracy and a large wave sloshes over all of them.

Carly in the books

Carly is mentioned and admired in the first book, but never turns up. Tracy had a doll named Bluebell and a picture that came from her. In the second book she turns up right after Cam and Tracy talked about her and Tracy admitted, that the whole story about her mum being famous was nonsense. At first she complained about how awful Cam is and how she doesn't look after Tracy properly. Tracy noticed that while Carly was an actress, she was neither famous nor in Hollywood. She first gave Tracy gifts and was nice to her. The second time she left her at home alone and Tracy got scared. So Tracy ran away from her and ended up living with Cam, her foster mother.