Dolly is a former resident of Stowey House II.


Before the Show

Dolly lived with a foster family, who owned a dog, which Dolly became very attached to.[2] Her foster family emigrated to Australia, resulting in Dolly living in care.[3]

The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 2

Dolly feels neglected when no one lets her join their bedsit, so Dolly starts one of her own in the bathroom. Nathan worries because he left the cleaning stuff in there. The kids try and get her out, such as Lol and Bouncer tell jokes. However, it is Tracy who gets Dolly out when she lets her borrow her red jumper.[4]

Dolly falls in love with a stray dog, which Duke isn't pleased with. Tracy helps Dolly get the dog in the house and hide him without any of the staff knowing. After a conversation with Jenny, Dolly and Tracy give the dog back to his owner and she gets the reward of £20. Jenny suggests she could buy a rabbit, which pleases Dolly.[2]

When Tracy and Justine organise a fight, Amber gets Dolly to make a boxing ring. Amber isn't happy with Dolly's efforts when it's in full view of the staff and not square, so Amber ties Dolly to the tree with the tape used.[5]

Dolly emails a Hollywood couple, Kelly and Hank, who are stars of Ninja Detectives. Dolly also makes a video to send to them and all the other children become obsessed with trying to get adopted by a Hollywood couple and make videos aswell. Dolly recieves a huge parcel when Kelly and Hank tell her they can't adopt her.[6]

When Nathan get's a girlfriend called Anna, Dolly isn't pleased about it and gets jealous. During a game of truth and dare, Dolly asks Nathan if he likes Anna more than her, but Nathan says she is his favourite person. Because Tracy is telling the truth for the day, Dolly gets Tracy to tell Anna that Nathan like a person, who's name begins with a 'D' more than Anna. This causes Nathan and Anna to split up.[7]

On the trip, Dolly decides to free the animals on the farm when Adele tells her where sausages and chicken nuggets come from. Tracy takes the blame for Dolly's actions.[8]

All the residents, apart from Dolly and Tracy, are off out with family and friends. Tracy and Dolly plays hide and seek, but Dolly's hiding places are predictable. Dolly worries Nathan when he finds her shoes in the hedge, which she dumped. Dolly wakes up in the boot of Duke's car and scares Duke when he comes out of the ice cream parlour and his alarm goes off.[9]

The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 3

When Shelley arrives, she asks the children on suggestions how to change things. Dolly requests a sweet machine and a huge teddy. Dolly is upset when her blanket is accidentally thrown away, but Tracy retrieves it from the rubbish.[10]

When Tracy wins tickets to go to the music awards, Shelley insists on doing a draw to see who goes with her. Dolly is excited when she is chosen. Dolly, along with Michael, Layla and Elaine visit Tracy in hospital when she is getting her appendix removed and give her gifts from the awards.[11]

Dolly along with Hayley and Marco form a Beaker club in honour of Tracy. Dolly flour bombs her potential foster parents, Philip and Kathy and foster sister, Sophie. Dolly is upset when she fears she might have messed things up with them, however they proceed with fostering her and Dolly leaves with them.[12]


  • Despite having left long before, her cartoon appears in the Series 5 episode "Telling Tales" during Tracy's story.


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