Dreamland is the eighth episode in the first series of The Dumping Ground. It aired at 17:00 on 15/02/2013 on the CBBC Channel.


Rick's father shows up to tell Rick that he has changed his ways. Elsewhere, Gina brings her mother to the Dumping Ground.


The episode opens with Mike trying to ring Gina, whilst Johnny enthusiastically tells Mike that he is going to the athletics club. The doorbell rings and they both go to the door, where Mike is greeted by a boiler service man, who explains he is her for the boiler's annual inspection. Mike is confused as the boiler was serviced not too long ago, to which the boiler man replies that new council regulations means he has to service the boiler. Johnny leaves while Mike takes the boiler man inside.

In the kitchen, Tyler is telling Rick about a magician that the boys are going to see. While Tyler goes off to get cereal for breakfast, the boiler man quietly calls to Rick. Rick looks at the man and recognises him - it is his dad!

After breakfast, Tyler is disappointed with Rick, who has made a sudden change in plans. Rick tells Tyler he will explain everything later, but needs Tyler to cover for him.

Downstairs, Gina finally arrives at the DG with her mum, Hattie. Gina goes to speak with Mike in the office and tells Tee to take Hattie to the pool room. Rick then exits the DG, unaware Tyler is following him.

In the office, Gina explains to Mike that Hattie's carer called in sick and Gina was not able to find a replacement carer, so she brought Hattie to the DG. Mike is not happy about this (citing health and safety) but allows it. Gina then tells Mike she needs to ask another favour.

In the pool room, Hattie and Tee both talk about how Gina looks after them. Hattie asks for Tee's name, only when Tee tells Hattie her name, she tells her that she takes her tea with "plenty of milk". Tee asks what she means by plenty and gets told "more than a little, less than a lot". Tee decides to ask Gina how much milk that is and goes to the office.

In the office, Mike hands Gina some cash. It turns out that Gina has got into debt from hiring care to look after her mum. Gina says that Greg (her husband) wants to put Hattie in a care home, which Mike agrees with. Gina, however, refuses. Tee, having heard the conversation outside the office, bursts in and yells at Mike for wanting to put Hattie in a home.

In a park, Rick meets his dad and tells him to turn himself in, only to learn his dad was put into an open air prison and is allowed to come and go as he pleases. He also wanted to see Rick, but did not want social worker watching them, hence his act as a boiler man and meeting Rick in secret. Neither of them know that Tyler is still watching them.

Back at the DG, Tee is preparing to make tea for Hattie where she tells the others in the kitchen (Frank, Carmen, Jody and Faith) about the situation of Mike wanting Gina to put Hattie in a home. The conversation is abruptly ended when Floss rushes in to tell everyone that there is a dead lady in the pool room.

The kids enter the room where they find Hattie on the sofa with her eyes shut. Carmen tries to get Tee to check if Hattie is still breathing, but Faith goes to do it instead. Hattie wakes up, scaring the kids and vice versa.

Rick and his dad go to Jade's cafe for drinks, where Rick's dad tells Rick that he and his mother will both be out in 6 months and they will get proper jobs, which Rick is pleased to learn about.

Back at the DG, Hattie, Gina, Faith, Carmen and Tee are playing dominoes. Mike interrupts and asks to speak with Tee. He tries to explain to Tee that she does not know the full story, but Tee refuses to listen and storms off.

Tyler, meanwhile, has decided to spy on Rick and his dad from behind a van. The van driver finds Tyler, falsely accuses him of trying to steal his tools and yells at him to get lost.

Back at the DG, Hattie is giving a shopping list for curried goat (which Tee is not happy to learn involves actual goat). After she has finished with the list, Hattie randomly grabs Faith's arm, tells her how "Daddy" likes his curry and to go to the "Leckys" and not the "Isaacs". Faith, however, keeps her cool and tells Hattie she understands.

Back at Jade's cafe, Tyler yells at Rick for changing his plans to meet the boiler man. Rick introduces Tyler to his dad and vice versa. Both Rick and his dad saw the incident, and Rick's dad asks Tyler if he wants to get his revenge using a trick called "the window show". Tyler is interested, but Rick is not happy.

Back at the DG, Gina apologises to Faith for what happened, explaining that Hattie gets "confused". Hattie then tells Gina that she does not feel well, so Gina takes her to another room to have a lie down.

Back at Jade's cafe, Rick's dad enters the cafe and makes a note of where the van man has put his money (his back pocket). Outside, Rick asks Tyler if he's sure he wants to go through with it. Tyler says that he does, bangs on the window and starts acting like an ape. Frank arrives at the cafe and sees this, but is stopped from intervening by Rick. Tyler calls the van man an ape. The van man, annoyed, goes to hit Tyler and Gerry pickpockets the money. Tyler, seeing the van man coming for him, scarpers. Frank asks Rick what is happening and Frank explains the man was bullying Tyler so they got revenge on him. Frank is unhappy that they took revenge in Jade's cafe.

Back at the DG, Faith and Gina are preparing food. Faith asks Gina if she believes all care homes are bad. Gina says that she does not and tells Faith that a few bad days or weeks does not cancel out a lifetime of love. Tee, who went to check on Hattie, tells the pair that she has gone missing!

In an alleyway, Rick's dad tells Tyler that he has got £300 and gives it to Tyler. However, Rick takes the money off Tyler, saying that if he takes the money he becomes a thief. Rick's dad tries to justify his actions, calling it "justice" and says he "overstepped the line". Rick rebuffs his dad's excuses and tells him to go back to prison, then goes to take the money back to the van man.

Inside the cafe, the van man is having trouble finding his cash, when Rick arrives, asking if anyone has lost the money. The van man takes the money back and asks Rick where he found it. Rick tells the man that he found it outside and the man probably dropped it while he was scaring Tyler. The man tries to claim that Rick is making up stories, only for Rick to say that he can tell that to the police, claiming that Tyler called them. The man leaves the money and goes to leave, only to walk into another man and have the other man's drink spilt on him, much to the amusment of the patrons.

Gina, Faith and Tee have gone out to look for Hattie. Faith and Tee find Hattie waiting at a bus stop. Tee tries to tell Hattie to come back to the DG and everyone is worried about her, but Hattie does not recognise Tee and asks why she wants to put her in a "dumping ground". Faith then pretends to be Gina and tells her to come "home".

Hattie is taken to the quite room at the DG. She tells Gina that she cannot recall the last hour. Gina tells Hattie that it is just old age, but Hattie tells Gina that that is not true.

Tyler meets Rick at the park. He says that they can still make it to the magician show, but Rick decides not to go. He tells Tyler that his family could have had a good life is his dad was not a scammer.

Tee goes to speak to Gina in the quiet room. Hattie asks Tee what her name is again, though this time, she does not reply that she wants milk. She says that she does not know where Gina is. Tee tells her that it is Elm Tree House where Gina works, where Hattie is surprised to learn that Gina is in the building.

Back at the cafe, Frank receives a text that it a special curry night at the DG and Jade is invited. They both start walking to the DG, only to be met by Rick's dad.

Back at the DG, Frank tells Rick that his dad is waiting in the garden. Rick goes to a window and finds his dad waiting, wanting to speak to Rick. Rick tells him to go away, but his dad refuses to the point where he says he will sit there and wait for the police to take him away. Rick decides to come down.

Gina goes to pick something from the garden for dinner and overhears Rick. She then sees him talking to his dad, who has come up with a plan to move to New Zealand take over his uncle's business. Rick accuses his dad of living in "dreamland", but Rick's dad counters, saying that Rick is the one living in dreamland, saying that things will only change if they move and make a new beginning.

After Rick's dad is finished, Rick get taken to the office. Mike decides that they will keep quiet about Rick's dad seeing him, but that they will have to report it if he shows up again. Rick, however, thinks his dad will not reappear. Gina thanks Rick, saying that she too has been living in dreamland - she decides that she needs to put her mum in care.

Later, Gina goes to take her mum home. Tee comes to say goodbye to Hattie, only to find she is asleep. Tee tells Gina that she id doing the right thing by putting Hattie in a home.

The episode ends with everyone (including Jade) sitting around the table to have the goat curry. Faith toasts Hattie, followed by Gina making a toast to the future. Tee then tries the curry and enjoys it.


  • Final mention of Greg.
  • Final appearance of Jade.
  • Crystal Days by the group Echo & the Bunnymen can be heard from one of Rick's vinyls.
  • Rick's dad, "Gerry", is only named in the end credits.
  • Gina's mother, Hattie, is the second character in a Tracy Beaker programme to have a memory-affecting condition, Grandpa Jack Hopper being the first. The next character will be in Doris
  • Mia McKenna-Bruce (Tee's actress) later revealed in an interview in the CBBC studio that the curried lamb was actually goat and the scene was made awkward as she was a vegetarian at the time.


  • When Rick is having his argument with his dad from the bedroom window, when Rick's dad says "Not 'til we have this out" the subtitles spell "'til" as "till".
  • How would Rick's dad know that he is at Elm Tree House because Rick got moved from Burnywood after the Burnywood fire in The Visitors?

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