Mandy "Elektra" Perkins is a former resident of Elm Tree House II.


Elektra, now a young woman, used to regulary cause a lot of trouble, but she has had some heroic moments such as saving Harry Jones from a poisonous adder and stopping the Cobras (her old gang) from mugging Toby Coleman. Elektra eventually becomes more friendly with some of the residents at Elm Tree House, but most of the residents disliked her. She had a strong rivalry with Sapphire but they have been known to team up in times of trouble, such as when Johnny was made to shoplift by some thugs. She also had a strong dislike for Liam. Such as getting Liam to set his tag alarm off when she and Tyler move Liam's bedroom into the garden out of the 300ft guidelines. Elektra vanished without explanation in-between series 1 and 2 of The Dumping Ground. But according a Tweet on Twitter by Elly Brewer (at the time-head writer) Elektra left to live with her sister. It was revealed in The Dumping Ground Dish Up that she now runs her own internet-based t-shirt design company. In real life, the actress who portrayed Elektra (Jessica Revell) had joined a drama school. But she was not allowed to work professionally as an actor whilst attending the school. Which was why she lost out on appearing in the second series. Elektra seemed to spend a lot of time in her room and usually gets frustrated and angry when people enter without knocking, or even if they did knock. Elektra has definetly shown to of matured a bit, but she still has a lot of her old feisty attitude in her.


Before being involved in the care system, Elektra lived with her parents and her sister, Melissa. Unlike her sister, Elektra had a rebellious attitude toward her parents, including being a vegetarian and on one occasion, ending up in jail on her sister's prom night. Fed up of dealing with her, Elektra's parents put her into care.

Whilst in care, Elektra met a girl named Kali. The care home they lived in was rough, so the girls formed themselves into a gang called The Cobras, initially to protect themselves. However, they eventually recruited more members and became a gang that harassed and bullied others. Eventually, after being moved through a series of care homes, Elektra ended up staying at Elm Tree House. To be protected from her old gang.

Throughout Tracy Beaker Returns

Series 2 (2011)

On arriving at Elm Tree House, Elektra behaved politely in front of the care workers, tricking them into believing she was a sweet and friendly girl. When she was asked if she wanted to meet the other kids in the home, she politely asked if she could meet them on her own. And said that she feels it's always so formal when there's staff there. However, on entering the lounge, Carmen introduced herself to Elektra and complimented her blue streaks in her hair and went on to ask how she got her hair like that, but she was interrupted when Elektra told her to shut up. She then went on to ask who out of the kids was in charge, everyone seemed to look at Liam who was playing pool with Frank, so Elektra immediately picked a fight with Liam by pushing him over the pool table, only to storm off after he refused to retaliate to her wanting to start a fight.

After this, Carmen came to Elektra's bedroom to see if she was OK and why she wanted to fight Liam, where Elektra answered that she didn't but that every other care home she's been other kids beat her up on the first day, so she just wanted to get it over with and out the way. (It's unknown if she was actually telling the truth or not). Carmen then reassured her that it's not like at Elm Tree and that they all like each other. Elektra reminded Carmen that no-one's going to like her after that, to which Carmen suggested they may do if she goes downstairs and tries introducing herself again. She then went to see the others in the lounge (apart from Liam and Frank who were setting up their own den in the attic). After a meagre lunch, Elektra befriended the girls and later Frank, Toby and Johnny into a club called "SETA - Secret Elm Tree Army". She then had the kids do initiation tests for her which at first seemed like harmless pranks - including Johnny removing parts from a hoover to make it malfunction. She then upped the stakes by having the kids do more dodgy activities such as having Carmen steal £20 from the office. Elektra lied to the kids that she would return the objects, and after noticing that Harry had spied on them, cut off Jeff's leg. She was found out after Liam tricked Elektra into confessing and both Frank and Tracy had overheard her. Elektra expected to be thrown out, but learnt from Mike that they were not giving up on her, to which she replied "you will".

Series 3 (2012)

In the episode "Big Brother", it's revealed that Elektra secretly writes poetry but this was no longer a secret after Liam stole her diary and read her poems to everyone else (to get his own back on her after she stole his MP3 player and sold it to Tyler).

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Series 1 (2013)

Later in The Dumping Ground she started to mix her poems with Rick's guitar in the episode Seriously Funny. Initially, Elektra had her own room, but was later made to share it with Sapphire and later Faith. Luckily she got on well with Faith, unlike with Sapphire.

Sometime in-between the first and second series, Elektra had moved out off-screen to live with her sister and brother-in-law Melissa and Harvey Valentine.

After Leaving Care

In the Instagram Drama "After The DG" it was revealed that at some point after she left The Dumping Ground she had a relationship with a boy called Matt. It's revealed that he started to become abusive towards Elektra physically and mentally, and stopped her from talking to or seeing her friends. And on one occasion, he locked her in a room. This also caused for Elektra and Melissa's falling out when Melissa found out about Matt being abusive towards Elektra she did nothing about it. To which reached breaking point for Elektra where she escaped her abusive relationship with Matt, and moved out of Melissa's house and found her own place. To which Elektra started to own online T-shirt selling business, whilst also training to be a mechanic. When Elektra finally became a qualified mechanic she got a job working at a local garage. It's also revealed in After The DG, that Melissa didn't even congratulate her for becoming a mechanic.

The Dumping Ground Dish Up (2015)

Series 5 (2017)

Series 6 (2018)

Elektra has currently not yet made an appearance in the 6th series of The Dumping Ground, but she was mentioned by Jody in the fifth episode, "SorryNotSorry".

After The DG

When Elektra was especially chosen for a placement as a Young Changemaker in a Changemakers scheme, she set up her own Instagram account. She regulary posted updates about what's been going on in her life.


As soon as she moves into Elm Tree House, Elektra is shown to be an unkind, aggressively-natured person. She asks to meet the other residents on her own, as she does not want them to see her true colours. Elektra knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to stick up for her own opinion.


Elektra is a teenage girl with long straight brown hair that had blue streaks, grey-blue eyes and is fair skinned. She normally wears blue, grey, black and sometimes yellow themed clothes. She goes for skinny jeans and looser fitting tops, sometimes under jackets, with Dr. Martens. She has shiny metallic blue ones with yellow laces, black ones with blue laces and in the Dumping Ground, she has a new pair that are bright yellow with blue laces. She also usually wears large silver hoop earrings.


  • Elektra is a lesbian. Although her coming out was never seen on the show, in scenes in her bedroom, she has an LGBT pride flag hung on her wall. Again, Elly Brewer mentioned in a tweet of Twitter that Elektra's creator told them that Elektra was a lesbian, but they never got to explore this any further after Jessica Revell joined an acting school before filming for series 2 of The Dumping Ground started which didn't allow her to work professionally as an actor whilst attending the school.


Toby Coleman

Toby was also one the only ones prepared to be friends with Elektra at first, and showed that he cared about Elektra a lot. He once tried to teach Elektra chess. Toby was the one to make Elektra see that Kali is a bad person and friend, and eventually is mugged by The Cobras before Elektra manages to save him. It was also quite clear that Toby had a slight crush on Elektra, but this never got to be explored more after Toby left the series off-screen after series 2 due to the actor's other commitments in real life.


Ex-best friend. Kali is seen in the episode Snake Bite, where she gets in contact with Elektra, claiming that she has changed her ways. Elektra breaks up her friendship with Kali after she and her gang mug Toby.

Faith Davis

Faith shared a room with Elektra in the first series of The Dumping Ground, and they appeared to be on good terms with one another. They often had a few arguments, but on the whole they showed they were quite close friends.

Liam O'Donovan

Rival. Elektra attacked Liam on first arriving at the DG, and was later outsmarted by him. They do not get along at all and often calls him a loser, they are very alike and this leads to them fighting a lot. But they are both actually very alike which is probably one of the reasons they don't get on.

Sapphire Fox

Sapphire and Elektra appeared to be enemies after Elektra threatened Harry after he saw Carmen and Toby handing over money and Gina's watch that she ordered them to steal if they wanted to become official members of their gang, S.E.T.A. Elektra noticed Harry watching, and decided to pay him a Jeff a visit. She threatened Harry not to tell anyone what he saw, and cut off Jeff's leg with a pair of scissors. She told him to keep quiet or she's cut Jeff into pieces. The next morning when Harry showed Sapphire what Elektra did to Jeff, Sapphire took matters into her own hands and decided to attack Elektra, causing the girls to get into a fight.  Sapphire also wasn't pleased when Elektra brought round her old friend Kali, and she wasn't convinced that Kali was a completely different person now, as she didn't want anyone bringing more trouble to her door. Although, Sapphire and Elektra have teamed up in extreme times such as the time Johnny was forced to shoplift by two muggers that lived in the same building of flats that Sapphire lived in.  When Sapphire had to move back into the Dumping Ground temporally after the flat above hers flooded, Sapphire originally took Toby Coleman's old bedroom. But when Jody Jackson arrived and had to share with Carmen, Mike and Gina decided it'd be best for Jody to have her own room when they found out Jody struggled to sleep in the same room as other people, so Sapphire was forced to share a room with Elektra which neither of the girls were thrilled about. The two didn't get on at all whilst sharing a room together. When both Elektra and Sapphire returned to star in the mini spin-off series The Dumping Ground Dish Up, they both seemed to of put their differences aside and seemed to be friends now, and the fact that they were older and have grown up a bit now probably plays a part in them not hating each other anymore too.

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