Ferris Lloyd is Sapphire's ex-boyfriend.


Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 1

Tracy discovers a number of stolen video games hidden in Sapphire's wardrobe. To get to the bottom of the case, she spies on Sapphire in the video game store, noticing her being accompanied by a male. He is later revealed to be Sapphire's boyfriend. Tracy quizzes Sapphire about the games, who hesitates, but eventually notifies her that Ferris stole the games. When Tracy asks Ferris about Sapphire's confession, he tells her the opposite; that Sapphire took them because she was having a hard time. Tracy believes this, but comes to her senses and realises that Ferris was lying. She sets Ferris up in front of Sergeant Nelson, where Ferris is arrested, and Sapphire breaks up with him.