Frank Matthews is a former resident of Elm Tree House II and Ashdene Ridge.


Frank was born with Cerebral Palsy and as a child, he lived with his grandfather Eric. However, Eric eventually became too old and frail to look after Frank, so he was taken to live at Elm Tree House whilst Eric was taken to live in an old people's home. 

It was at Elm Tree House that Frank met Liam O'Donovan, another boy in care whom he became friends with. Frank and Liam both enjoyed pulling various scams, including diving for burgers, where one of them would taken a half eaten box of a burger from a bin, bump into someone, drop the burger, and thereby guilt the person into buying a "replacement" burger. Despite Liam being fostered (and returned) numerous times, he and Frank remained the best of friends.

While Frank was living in care, he was permitted to visit his grandfather, such as going fishing together on his grandfather's birthday.

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 1

Soon after Tracy came to work at the Dumping Ground, Liam proposed that she store a number of her books in his bedroom (without Mike's knowledge). Liam then tried to sell the books in a street behind the Dumping Ground, but to no avail. Frank then attempted to get the books sold by sticking his face on the front cover and claiming the book was about him. However, Liam pointed out to Frank that this would not work the moment anyone read what was inside the book. Ultimately, the plan failed as the books were taken away be a recycling truck.

On the day Lily, Poppy and Rosie were fostered, Frank went on a visit to his grandfather. When he returned that evening, Frank showed Liam that Mr Matthews had given Frank his gold watch - a family heirloom. Frank attempted to hypnotise Gina with it and failed. The watch was amongst the items stolen by Carmen (and retrieved by Tracy) the following morning.

When Tracy stayed overnight for the first time (as a carer), Liam and Frank tried to sell her foul tasting pizzas with banana topping, under the cover story that they were selling the pizzas to keep Elm Tree House open. While they made a respectable amount of money, the night did not end well when a large man (who hated the care home) dragged Frank and Liam back to the Dumping Ground and threatened to call the police. Luckily, the man was deterred from doing this after Tracy asked if he would be the one who would tell the police that he had dragged a child with Cerebal Palsy. Matters also worsened for Liam and Frank as Tracy made them return the money the following morning.

As a way of getting out of chores, Liam and Frank would sometimes "subcontract" them to the other children. An example of this was when Gus was visiting his grandfather and the boys got Johnny to do the vacuuming. Mike, however, did not take kindly to this, and on this occasion made Frank and Liam clean up Gus's bedroom after it was discovered that he had been keeping plates of food underneath his bed that had gone rotten and had attracted insects. Whilst in Gus's bedroom, the boys discovered Gus's collection of notebooks and that he had written of an occasion when they had gone to the shopping centre and dived for burgers. Frank and Liam tore out and disposed of the offending pages. However, when Gus returned, he knew full well that pages had been removed from his notebook as well as the contents, and consequently revealed that they had been diving for burgers. Liam and Frank were consequently banned from the shopping centre by Mike.

When Toby won a "free" family holiday to California, Frank, along with Liam, Johnny and Gus, played a scheme to make the company representative think that they were all a genuine family, while simultaneously steering the care workers away from the company representative. Frank's parts turning on loud music from Sapphire's bedroom (so Mike would have to turn them off) and hugging Mike and refusing to let go of him. Later, when the boys discovered that they had been fleeced, Frank, with Johnny, Toby and Liam travelled to the office where they set off the representative's car's alarm, allowing Johnny and Toby to steal a USB stick containing details of the holiday. They were then picked up by Tracy, who had been alerted by Sapphire as to the boys' whereabouts. Ultimately, no one went on holiday to Florida.

When the Dumping Ground residents went to the beach for the day, the group made a brief stop at a service station. Whilst there, Liam and Frank formulated a scam where they would chuck water at a car and then make money from washing the victim's car. Unfortunately, the plan backfired with the first victim - Liam chucked water at a car with an open window before Frank could stop him and the pair were forced to leg it. Later, when everyone regrouped at the minibus, Mike covered for Liam and Frank after the victim lodged a complaint with the service station owner, by claiming that he must be mistaken. Despite this, Liam and Frank were reprimanded when everyone was back inside the van.

When Tracy announced that she would be leaving her job at the Dumping Ground for a job as a journalist, she also announced that in order to get the job, she would need to write an article about children in care and wanted to interview the children. Frank was among the children who wanted to be interviewed (according to Gus), but as the kids who did not want to be interviewed held the most influence, this led to all of the children refusing. Conseqeuntly, Frank had to ask Tracy to be interviewed in secret. It later transpired that all of the kids had come to ask Tracy to be interviewed in secret. While she ultimately did not take the job, Tracy showed the kids the article when it was printed in the paper.

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 2

After the protest to keep Elm Tree House open resulted in its temporary closure, Frank was sent to live with his grandfather. He returned to the Dumping Ground the day it re-opened, where he was greeted by Liam. Prior to the closure of The Dumping Ground, Mr Matthews had fallen ill, and when asked about his grandfather's condition, Frank told Liam that it was now "worse".

Later that evening, Frank asked Liam why he was not sticking up for Mike, who was being threatened with being sacked due to Lily falling off the roof during the protest, as Mike was his friend. Liam stated that Mike was paid to be his friend and evaded further questioning by asking Frank if they were playing cards or having a "girly gossip". Later than night however, Liam disturbed Frank in bed to tell him that he had changed his tune.

The following morning, Frank, along with Liam and Harry, went to the town hall and entered Mike's hearing to protest Mike's possible sacking. Tracy arrived a few minutes later to remove them from the court room. Despite all of this, Mike was not sacked.

When Toby returned to the Dumping Ground, Frank and Liam learnt that he had arranged to meet a girl and was now unable to see her as Mike had grounded everyone as a consequence for the other residents thieving Toby's belongings (thinking that he would not be returning to the DG as he had not returned the same day as the others). They decided to help Toby meet his girlfriend. Including, tricking Mike into thinking they were painting Liam's bedroom (and so were skipping dinner for that) awhen they were really accompanying Toby into town. All three boys received a lift back to the DG by Tracy (as the last bus had already left) where they were met by an irate Mike, who had discovered they had sneaked out of the DG.

When Ade and Dayo were brought to the Dumping Ground, when Frank went to see the pair the morning after they had been brought, they declared "Manchester United" on seeing Frank's T-Shirt. It turned out Ade and Dayo were supporters of Manchester United, which made Frank (and later Liam) happy, as he supported the team as well. Frank and Gus (the latter having "greeted" the refugee boys earlier that morning) took Ade and Dayo to Frank's room, where Gus pointed at the footballers on Frank's poster and read out their names, then pointed to himself and Frank and said their names. This led to Ade and Dayo pointing to themselves and saying their names, which was how Gus and the others learnt the names of the refugee boys. Frank, along with the other kids, later bid Ade and Dayo goodbye when they went to live with a foster family.

Frank was present in the garden with Liam and Toby when a gang of crooks dumped a bag of money in the garden. The boys decided to stash the money away, only to be seen by Johnny and Carmen and end up having to give some of the money to them. Wondering what to do with their share of the money, Liam and Frank went to the shopping centre to buy a large flat screen television. Their plan was scuppered after the shop assistant Liam spoke to suspected them of shoplifting and the boys had to make a hasty retreat.

Back at the DG, Frank decided to use the money to find so that his grandfather could be cared for. Liam was against this idea as he wished to use the money so that he and Frank could live in a flat of their own. Frank countered this idea, saying that no one would let out a flat to a pair of kids.

Frank was forced to return the money after Toby and Tracy revealed that the stolen money had been found. However, Liam later revealed to Frank that he had kept some of the money, gave some to Frank, and told Frank to get something nice for his grandfather.

When Elektra came to the Dumping Ground, Frank and Liam were in the process of making a den in the attic. Liam intended for this to be a private den for just the two of them, but Frank wanted to let the others use it, on the grounds they were family. This annoyed Liam, as he had been shoved over a pool table by Elektra earlier that morning and Frank's defintion of family would have included her. This led to the pair falling out with each other. Later, Elektra invited Frank to join the club she had made with the other girls and Frank invited her and the others to use the attic den, much to Liam's irritation.

Like the other children Elektra roped in to her club, Frank was made to do an initiation task to become an official member of SETA (the name of Elektra's club). After various items from around the DG went missing, Liam spoke to Frank (who had in turn been spoken to by Tracy) who spilled the beans on what had happened. The pair made up and tricked Elektra into confessing her thefts. Frank, like the other children, was sanctioned as a consequence of doing Elektra's tasks.

Frank was out with Liam when they found a pensioner's mobility scooter which Liam subsequently crashed. He later helped to convince Liam to serve his time at the old peoples' home. Afterward, when Tracy and Liam suggested that the others come to the home, Frank was the first to volunteer himself.

Some time afterward on Frank's grandfather's birthday, Frank got ready to go fishing with his grandfather, only to receive devastating news - his grandfather had passed away the previous week and the funeral had taken place yesterday. He later visited his grandad's grave, only to find that there was no headstone. This led to him and Liam mustering whatever money they had left to buy one, but they ended up running short of the required amount. This prompted Frank to sell his watch in order to raise the remaining money required. Unfortunately, Frank then learnt that his grandfather had been buried in a pauper's grave with two other bodies, which meant a tombstone could not be put up. This saddened Frank as he had sold the watch to get the money for the tombstone. However, he was encouraged by Liam to go back and retrieve the watch from the antique seller, only to discover that the seller had given him much less money than the watch's real value and so Frank and Liam did not have enough money to buy it back. Fortunately, Tracy (who had given them a lift in a new car) was able to convince the seller to swap the watch for her new car. Now reunited with his watch, Frank, Liam and Tracy were summoned to the lake where he had gone fishing with his grandad where he got a surprise: the other Dumping Ground kids had decorated a bench, which was dedicated to Frank's grandad.

Series 3

When a group of children from Burnywood were moved into Elm Tree House, Frank fell in love with a girl named Lizanne. During this time, Liam fell out with Frank after he demonstrated diving for burgers with Lizanne. Other residents of the DG also noticed that Lizanne only wanted Frank for money (such as to buy hair straighteners with). This led to Liam and a couple of the girls tricking Lizanne into thinking Liam had a rich uncle. After pulling the prank (which had enraged Frank when he saw Lizanne with Liam), Liam told Frank the truth about Lizanne, but Frank revealed to Liam that he knew the truth all along and the reason he was with her was because he fancied her, but did not believe he would ever find anyone better. Liam reassured Frank, telling him his reasoning was stupid.

Later when Lizanne left to be returned to her parents, Frank covered for Lizanne's theft of Johnny's money, denying he had any knowledge of who had taken the money.

When Liam was made to wear an electronic tag, Frank and Tracy both convinced him to not remove the tag and to run away. Later, Liam received a letter from a man claiming to be his big brother. Liam, annoyed with having to wear the tag, the fact that Mike had not done more to protest about the fact Liam was innocent and thinking this was all a hoax, refused to see the man. Instead, Frank and Tracy went to see the man. It later turned out the man (Jack) was indeed Liam's brother and wanted Liam to live with him. Consequently, Liam left the Dumping Ground, but Frank was able to say goodbye to him before he left with his brother.

Soon afterward, when Frank went to post a package to Liam (at his new address), a three legged dog saw Frank and decided to follow him back to the Dumping Ground, despite Frank's attempts to get rid of it. The rest of the house soon found out about the dog, which the decided to name "Shadow" and keep her a secret from the care workers. Frank let the dog stay in his room, while at the same time keeping it a secret from the care workers. The following morning, Frank found that Shadow had relieved herself in his bedroom and took her to Sapphire. However, she had to refuse on account that she was not allowed to keep pets at the Dumping Ground. Eventually, Shadow was adopted by Lily's father.

Prior to Eggs, the Dumping Ground computer was wrecked. Frank was one of the people responsible for this, as he had headbutted a football agains the computer monitor. After Mike refused to grant the children a new computer as they had been irresponsible with their belongings of late, Tracy came up with a challenge where the children would be grouped into pairs (mummy and daddy) and made to look after an egg. If any of the kids cracked their egg, it meant the kids would not receive a new computer. Frank and Tee were paired together and made to look after an egg, whom Tee named Eggbert. Whilst outside with their egg, Frank joked to Tee that if any of his kids hated fishing, he would put them in care, much to Tee's disgust (unaware this was Frank's idea of a joke). The pram containing Eggbert was then accidentally knocked down a flight of stairs and Eggbert cracked.

Luckily for Frank and Tee (and the rest of the kids), Elektra sold the other kids replacement eggs. Unfortunately, Tracy revealed the following day she had made pencil marks, so she knew that the eggs had been replaced. As a consequence, the kids found themselves without a new computer.

Later that summer, the kids, including Frank, went on holiday to a farmhouse that was cut short after Tee accidentally let sheep into it. All of the kids, including Frank gave Tee the cold shoulder. Tracy attempted to reason with Frank to stop giving Tee the cold shoulder, on account that Frank was friends with Tee. Frank explained that he had not been fishing since the death of his grandfather last year and wanted to go fishing to see if he could do it on his own. He then went on to rebut Tracy's proposal to take Frank fishing on account that he would not be on his own. Later, when it transpired Tee, Lily and Carmen had run away from the Dumping Ground, Frank joined Mike, Tracy and Johnny in the minibus, under the excuse that Tee was his friend. They eventually caught up with the girls near a stately home, the owner of whom offered Mike a half price holiday. During this holiday, Frank got his wish and was able to go fishing in a lake on the grounds of the hall.

Weeks later, Mike was invited to receive an MBE at Buckingham Palace, and was told he could only take three guests. Frank campaigned to be among the three with a sob story that his grandfather had a dream that a Matthews would go to Buckingham Palace. Frank lost the election and in the end did not visit Buckingham Palace.

Throughout The Dumping Ground

Series 1

When the Dumping Ground kids were left home alone, they decided to celebrate in the living room. During this celebration, Frank took umbrage at Rick's choice of music, saying that it was for dinosaurs. Rick, in turn, took umbrage at Frank's statement, saying that Frank's music was for boneheads. This led to Rick and Frank blasting their music at each other from their bedrooms. When Frank lost to Rick due to the latter having more powerful speakers, Frank took the vacuum cleaner to annoy Rick with its noise. Rick's speakers ended up busted, much to Frank's joy. Later that day, after the Dumping Ground was nearly blown up by a grenade set off by Gus, who had become agitated at the amount of noise, Frank gave his speakers to Rick as an apology and the two settled their differences.

During this time of being left home alone, Frank and Tyler told the other kids that the petty cash from Mike and Gina's office belonged to everyone, prompting the other kids to spend the money on gifts such as fake nails and remote control cars. This soon led to trouble when the kids ran out of food and were faced with starvation. After everyone was made to pool in whatever money they had left, Frank and Tyler were sent out to buy food for the rest of the residents. However, Frank decided to gamble everyones' money, thinking that he could earn more. While Frank did eventually hit the jackpot with a fruit machine in a bowling alley, he was unable to claim the winnings due to being under 18. The boys both returned to the Dumping Ground empty handed, fibbing that they had been mugged. However, Elektra sensed something was amiss and made Tyler confess. She then roped in both boys to helping her claim that she had done things to help them, so as to help get her a trip to Australia. In the end, Frank, along with the rest of the kids were sanctioned by having their pocket money taken away until the cash they had taken was repaid.

At some point prior to The Truth is Out There, Frank took some important exams, for which he received poor grades. Deciding that he would not do retakes, he decided to get a job in a cafe as a waiter. It was at the cafe that he met a girl named Jade, with whom he developed a crush on.

When the other Dumping Ground residents got wind of Frank's new job, most of them (excluding Elektra and Faith) decided to go to the cafe and ended up taking advantage of paying for meals at the staff rate (as they all lived with Frank). However, after Tyler pulled a prank involving a plastic finger in a burger, Frank banned the kids who had been there from going to the cafe.

Later that day, Jade invited Frank back to the cafe. Frank believed that he was going to have a date with Jade and asked for advice (including what to wear) from the rest of the Dumping Ground kids. When Frank got to the cafe, instead of having a day, he was introduced to a woman named Angel. Angel was a clairvoyant and seemingly knew details of Frank's life (including his support of Manchester United) and was seemingly able to contact his deceased grandfather. Frank returned to the Dumping Ground and told the others about this, which led to Faith paying Angel a visit the following day to see if she could contact her brother, to see if he was dead or alive. However, after Rick heard the stories Frank and Faith were coming back with, he declared that Angel was in fact a con and Jade was in cahoots with her. The following day, Faith tested this when Angel apparently contacted Faith's brother again and learnt that they like Robbie Williams and sang one of his songs at their sister's wedding, which was complete nonsense. Frank accused Jade of being in cahoots with Angel, only to discover that she was not and subsequently lost his job. Later that day, Frank decided that he would indeed retake his exams, and surprisingly received a visit from Jade, who had forgiven Frank and wanted to hook up with him.

Frank went with the other kids on the visit to Hidden Hall, where he was to role play as an Edwardian gardener and was tasked with picking herbs. However, when Frank had arrived at the hall, he had noticed a river and had learnt that it was not far from the hall. So, instead of collecting herbs, Frank went off to go fishing and did not rejoin the other kids until they were leaving (having been thrown out by George, the hall's caretaker). The following morning, when Mike asked where Frank had been the whole day, Frank claimed he had been picking herbs, only for this to be refuted by Tyler, who had had to pick the herbs in Frank's absence. This led to Frank being chased by the other kids.

Some time later, Razz, Faith's brother, came to the Dumping Ground to hide from ex-gang members who were following him. Frank saw Razz and agreed to keep quiet about the fact he was on the grounds. After being fobbed off from giving anymore help by Faith, Frank exited the house, only to encounter the gang members, who demanded that Razz give himself up. Instead, Frank claimed that Razz had escaped round the back, but the gang members did not believe Frank and barged their way into Elm Tree House. Luckily, they were scared off by Mo's snake (believing it to be posionous) and Frank told Mike that the gang members were nothing more than burglars. Frank also kept quiet about the fact Razz had been on the grounds at all.

Series 2

By the time of Kick Off, Frank had moved out of the Dumping Ground and was now living independently in a flat. However, he continued to visit the Dumping Ground for various reasons, including one visit where he claimed his shower was not working. On one such visit, he found that Faith was now wheelchair bound, had become distressed at this and was now treating everyone around her like dirt. Frank stood up to her over this, saying that she would eventually get better, whearas he would never recover from his condition. However, believing he had failed to get through to Faith, Frank went home (or so everyone assumed).

Weeks passed without anyone seeing Frank. As a result of this, Carmen, Faith and Rick went to his flat to try to find him, only to find evidence that he had not lived in the flat for a while and encountered a man to whom Frank owed money. It was concluding that Frank was in trouble. Mike reported Frank missing to the police and Carmen also discovered that Jade had broken up with Frank. Most of the young people then went to distribute posters to see if anyone in town had seen Frank.

Frank was eventually found in Queen's Park randomly bumping into people where it was deduced that he was diving for burgers, which he had not done in years. Rick, Carmen, Tee and Bailey confronted Frank, believing he was in cahoots with a girl they had encountered earlier that day named Kazima, who had bought Frank's watch after they saw it in an antique shop and had been pickpocketing people when they were looking at Frank (who had pretended to have fainted after bumping into someone as part of his scam). Wanting to know why Frank was no longer living at his flat, Kazima took Carmen and Rick back to where she was living with Frank - they were both living rough under a bridge. Frank had got into debt and now owed Danny (the man they had encountered earlier at Frank's flat) a large amount of money. Kazima had taken him in as Frank had found her sleeping rough and bought her food to eat, so she was returning the favour. Frank revealed he had sold the watch to get more money, and it was learnt that Kazima had been pickpocketing to get money to buy the watch back. However, she refused to return the watch, on learning what Frank wanted to do next.

Frank told Rick that he would win back his money, as one of his neighbours had taught him her "system" for winning back money. Rick, however, was skeptical and followed Frank back to his flat (as did Kazima, but without either of the boys knowing). Frank gave Danny the money he owed, but got into another game of poker to win back everything he had lost. Frank won the game, but it soon transpired that Frank's neighbour's system was to insert an extra Ace into the deck of cards.

Rick and Kazima convinced Frank to return to the Dumping Ground, where the other kids learnt what had happened with Frank. With the help of the others, they cooked up a scheme to get Frank's money back - Faith would pretend she had lost a piece of jewellry, Kazima would "find" it and this would be traded to get Frank's money back. The scheme was pulled off successfully, although Mike had to step in as a getaway driver. When the careworkers discovered what had happened to Frank and the kids' scheme to get the money back, Frank received a telling off by Mike, which Frank attempted to rebuff saying that Mike had no right to tell him off as he had moved out, but Mike countered this by saying that he still cared about Frank regardless. With nowhere else to go, Frank asked Mike if he could move back in, which he consequently did.

When the kids did a touch the telly competition to agree on watching a talent show or football match, Frank sided with the other kids who wanted to watch football. However, he gave up during dinner, when Tyler opened the doors to the dining room and Frank was unable to resist the smell of the spaghetti sauce. Despite this, Frank cooked up a scheme of his own: he found (what he believed to be) Mike's secret stash of sweets and sold them to the kids for £1 each. Frank would then replace the sweets and keep the profit. Unfortunately, it transpired that the sweets were in fact two years old and ended up having to return everyones' money. Like the other kids, Frank did not see the footabll game, nor the talent show the others wanted to watch, as he fell asleep on the sofa with the other kids.

Frank decided to wash a red Manchester United shirt of his with Rick and Faith's washing (unknown to both Rick and Faith). He was eventually found out when Jody noticed the ends of his sleeves and collar had turned pink, which was what had happened to Rick and Faith's clothes. Consequently, Frank was made to judge the baking contest Rick and Faith had got themselves into. Frank decided Faith's cake was the best and ended up having to wear girls' clothes with Rick and Tyler as a punshiment.

Frank was assigned a work experience placement with Faith at a health spa. However, Frank managed to get himself, and Faith, fired after 45 minutes when he saw Liam for the first time in a while and proceeded to pick a fight with him. This led to Faith falling out with Frank. Back at the DG, Frank yelled at Mike that he probably only got the placement due to his disability, only to counter that Sian (the councilworker responsible for getting Frank the placement) would not do that sort of thing. Later Frank was out in the garden and was found by May-Li, who told him that it was better if he resolved his problem with Liam with words as opposed to with his fists. Frank later went to Sian's office to apologise, only to learn that it would be next to impossible to get himself (and Faith) another work experience placement and learnt that Liam had  been sacked from his job as well! Frank then phoned Liam and the pair met up in a cafe. Frank had become annoyed that Liam had not contacted him in months, and during the conversation was asked by Liam if he could stay with him for the night. Frank agreed, but explained he would have to ask Mike, who agreed.

Frank came up with a plan to get Faith a new work placement - Harry and Floss would invite Sian to a lunch at the Dumping Ground. Most of the DG residents would act as waiters, while Harry and Floss would walk Sian to and from her car while Mo, Tyler and Johnny would sing Liam's song "12 Tiny Hours". Sian would meet Faith for herself, would become impressed with her and would get a new work placement.

Whilst Liam was staying in Frank's room, he discovered a CD recorded by Poppy, a girl with whom Liam had become her talent agent, had arranged to have the CD recorded and had paid for it with "O'Donovan Magic". Whilst Liam was out of Frank's room, Frank noticed that Liam had received a worried text from Jack, Liam's brother, which surprised Frank as he was under the impression that Jack did not care for Liam (from the way Liam had spoken about Jack). Frank went to see Jack the following day, where he learnt how Liam had paid for the recording session - Liam published a photograph of a footballer whom Jack had caught drunk in charge. This was meant to be kept a secret from the public, but Liam had taken pictures of the incident with his mobile phone and sold them to the press to pay for the recording session. Jack was certain that it was Liam as the photographs had come from the back seat of his car, and had consequently received a disciplinary hearing. Annoyed to learn this, Frank returned to the DG and told Liam off for what he had done, only for Liam to scarper from Frank's room. This nixed any chance of a song being sung at Sian and Mike's lunch.

Later that night, Liam returned and explained the reason why he had kept quiet was because he was embarassed to tell Frank he was a Trainee Plumber and wanted to tell Frank something more impressive. Frank reassured Liam that as his best friend, Liam did not need to do that sort of thing, and that he did not need someone else to sing his songs. That same night Frank learnt that Liam had written a new song named "Tail Lights", which described how Liam was sorry for what he had done to Jack. Unknown to Liam, Frank phoned Jack and invited him to the DG, where Jack ended up walking in on Liam singing "Tail Lights" for the other residents. Jack and Liam reconciled and Frank revealed that he would be moving in to live with Liam in a flat after he had got his degree in business studies.

Later when Frank left the DG, he gave Harry a fishing tackle and Floss a bucket of maggots.

The Dumping Ground Dish Up

Frank returned in 2015 alongside Lily Kettle, Sapphire Fox, Elektra Perkins and Johnny Taylor in the mini spin-off show, The Dumping Ground Dish Up.

Series 3

When Kazima was going to be sent back to Somalia, she ran away, needing a place to stay. Frank agreed to let her stay in their flat. Mike and Carmen came to the flat, asking him if he'd seen Kazima. As they talked, Kaz fled from the flat and ran away. She met her dad whilst running, and Mike, Carmen and Frank caught up with her and took her back to Ashdene Ridge. Because of meeting her dad, Kazima was allowed to stay in the country.

Series 5


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