Jackie Hopper is a former resident of Stowey House II, Cliffside and Elm Tree House I.


Jackie used to live with her Grandad, Jack Hopper, before going into care. But he was no longer fit to look after Jackie because he developed Alzheimers, so he was starting to lose his memory and became weaker. Jackie at first was adament there was nothing wrong with her Grandpa, but she later learned that he needed looking after, and that he was only going to get worse as time progressed.


The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 3

In her first episode Jackie, Jackie is brought to The Dumping Ground. She refuses to accept that she needs to be in care, and that her beloved grandad has Alzheimers and can no longer look after her. She's determined to escape, collect Grandpa from his nursing home and return to their old house together. Eventually, she ends up staying at the Dumping Ground even though she doesn't like it. Because Jackie ran away from school many times she was homeschooled for a while in The Dumping Ground (Down With School). Tracy and Crash decied to stay at home as well, eventually they convinced her to stop running away from school. In No-one Quite Like Grandpa, Jackie and Tracy rescue Grandpa Jack from the Care Home. When they get to Grandpa's home they find an estate agent there. After Tracy tries to let Shelly into the house Jackie shuts her out. Then Shelly convinces Jackie to let Grandpa go back to the Care Home after telling a story about her dad. In Nothing Happens Here, Jackie and Tracy discover Micheals Brother, James.  Jackie and Tracy help Layla in to get her cub scout badges, in Be Prepared. Jackie refuse to cheat to get the badges. In Sufia The Silent , Jackie, Lol and Bouncer are playing a game of football when Lol smashes a picture. This results in a art conest. When they have to pay for the damage, they attempt to scam Nathan in a game of cards. When Jackie cant get a photo off a TV producer, in Exploited, Bouncer helps to get revenge. In The Big Race, Jackie gets and unexpected letter from Grandpa Jack saying they are entering a charity race, Crash helps her to train. Jackie is devistated in Good as Gold when she finds out Grandpa Jack is in a wheelchair. Jackie is deterimined that he will be the fastest grandpa in the world and soon gets him at top wheel speed.

The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 4

Tracy deserts Jackie in In With The Wellards, to spend a day out with cam. In Temper, Temper, Tracy, Crash and Jackie play kind pranks on The Wellards however Chantell becomes emotional because of Jackies kindness. In The Finishing Line , Grandpa Jack dies and Tracy and others help track down Grandpa Jack's old running mates. They encourage her to persue a career in sport.

Jackie recives a letter from a sports academy in The Long Run. In We're Off The Map Now, the Dumping Ground kids go to Carter's Wood for Jackie and Bouncer's send off. It is later obvious they are being ste up by Duke. Jackie later waves goodbye to Tracy as she goes off in a hot air balloon.

The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 5

In Life Coach, she returned to the Dumping Ground after an injury. It was later revealed that she was missing everyone and faked her injury so she could come home. In A Dog's Life, Tracy interviews Jackie and Crash about there life in care. When Jackie, Justine and Roxy interfere with Crash and his dad in Spare Dad, they fear they are becoming like Eliane.  During The Wedding, Jackie and Crash convinced Tracy to go to Cam and Gary 's wedding.


Jackie Hopper is the best friend of Tracy and Crash and is a trainee athlete. Jackie is a kind, thoughtful and active girl she loves sports although at times she can be angry, spiteful and moody usually when she is not allowed to see her grandpa.


Jackie is a light-skinned girl with ginger hair and brown eyes.


  • Jackie's running hero is Paula Radcliffe.[1]


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