Jody Jackson is a resident of Ashdene Ridge and a former resident of Elm Tree House II.



Jody is the youngest child of her mother and has two elder brothers, Luke and Kingsley. The Jackson family was very rough and she only got washed when the social worker was coming around. There was never much to eat and they sometimes resorted to eating dog food. Jody was taken into care because her mother and brothers had assaulted a neighbour and were due to go on trial.

Tracy Beaker Returns Series 3

Jody first appears in the episode Jody Jackson. When Jody was first taken to The Dumping Ground, she was violent and was made to share a room with Carmen (much to Carmen's displeasure, as Jody had taken Lily's bed and Carmen had been put off by Jody's bad behaviour). Jody and Carmen eventually made up with each other , where it was learnt that Jody cannot share a room with other people(as Carmen's breathing scared her) and so ended up getting Sapphire's bedroom.

Not long after moving to the DG, Jody developed an appetite for biscuits, even sleeping with the biscuit jar in bed (as seen in Goodbye Tracy Beaker). In The Invitation, she even accepts a bribe from Johnny to vote for Tee to go to Buckingham Palace, to buy chocolate biscuits.

The Dumping Ground Series 1

Jody had become friends with Tyler and often played tricks on him, such as putting Carmen's henna on top of the door of Faith's room to land on top of Faith (in Home Alone), and tricking Johnny into thinking Tyler had a dad who was quite rich (in Baby).

Jody was returned to live with her mother and brothers prior to the episode S.O.S.. Everything seemed fine to Carmen and Tyler, as Jody had lots of new clothes and lots of new gifts. However, it turned out all this was a façade- Jody's brother, Kingsley, was in fact controlling the family, had stolen numerous goods and locked Jody in her bedroom. When this was discovered by Carmen and Tyler, Jody returned to live at the Dumping Ground.

In the episode Oh, Mo! Jody came across Elektra's interest in Mo's pearls and joins in looking for them and helping Elektra assemble the pearls to make the full necklace. On learning that Mo wanted to give them to Tee, she returned the pearls to him (much to Elektra's disgust).

The Dumping Ground Series 2

Jody was asked to give a witness statement concerning Kingsley, which her mother discouraged her from doing so, fearing the consequences if Kingsley was not jailed. However, Jody was convinced otherwise after following the White Rabbit to Wonderland and seeing the mischief the Knave of Hearts got up to, whom she defeated by testifying against him.

After Bailey was taken from the Dumping Ground by his dad, Jody attempted to find him, believing that Bailey would be on his own if his dad vanished again. She eventually tracked Bailey down to his new home and eventually a football stadium where Bailey's dad disowned him. Jody comforted Bailey outside the stadium and returned his football boots, which Rick and Tyler were attempting to sell over the Internet.

Jody attempted to film her own documentary of life in the Dumping Ground, after believing Carmen was giving a false impression. She was given a video camera from Mike, but failed to drum up interest from the others, aside from Tyler, who uses the camera to film himself doing stunts, Johnny, who tells how he and Tee ended up in care and then refuses to repeat his story after Tyler drains the battery, and Floss, wo decided to put on a puppet show (much to Jody's annoyance). Instead, everyone credits Jody after Mo films some footage on his video and shows it to the others, but Jody points out that Mo was responsible.

At some point, Carmen and Jody fell out with each other. This is evident in the aforementioned episode, where Jody opposes Carmen wanting to put on a false impression. Carmen pretends she cannot hear Jody and even goes as far as accusing Jody of "crocodile tears" after Jody's repeated attempts at filming her documentary fail. Later, in the episode Sticks and Stones, after Carmen offends Jody, she and Tyler plot revenge on Carmen and glue her to her bedsheet. They later annoy Carmen (in that episode's bonus scene) when Jody flaunts a bedsheet stuck to her as though it were brand new fashion. Later, in Be My Girl, Jody repeatedly gets blamed for stealing Carmen's magazines, even though she was not responsible.

The Dumping Ground Series 3

An open day was held at the Dumping Ground, where Jody met a family named the Gordons. Mr and Mrs Gordon both had an interest in wrestling. Jody attempted to look as if she knew about wrestling in front of the parents, but ended up having to consult Harry about wrestling. In the end, it was Harry who the Gordons became interested in fostering.

Jody noticed a music box at a jumble sale, but did not have the money on her to buy it. She has an argument with Carmen after she buys the box, and they are handcuffed together by Floss. They become annoyed because both girls want to be in different places at the same time. Carmen wants to attend a party, and Jody wants to attend a book signing). Carmen forces Jody to go to the party, and makes her put a face pack on (which Jody had an allergic reaction to). They make up when Carmen realises that Jody wanted the music box because her mum had one like it and would play it whenever Jody had trouble sleeping. Carmen agrees to go to the book signing with Jody.

Jody starts her own fruit and vegetable shop with Tyler and they take it so far that they buy a pet chicken, which Tyler has to pretend is the ringtone for his phone, so that Mike and May-Li don't become suspicious.

The Dumping Ground Series 4

Carmen and Tee are entering for a dance competition, and Jody demonstrates to them how to street dance properly. Carmen and Tee realise that she is incredibly talented and want her to perform with them. But when Jody gets stage fright, she begins to feel that she can't do it. Carmen encourages her and helps her to overcome stage fright and the trio soon perform for the Dumping Ground gang.

Jody brings home a baby stimulation doll that annoys the residents as Jody can't settle it- it is always crying. She struggles to look after the baby, so Floss looks after it for her. Jody finds out tat Floss left the baby in the shed. Each night, however, somebody is coming in and settling the baby for Jody, and is surprised to find that it was Ryan.

Jody becomes angry when Tyler moves out of the Dumping Ground for night to be with his mum. They promise to be best friends forever, although Tyler's mum is not happy. They eventually make up when Tyler moves back to the Dumping Ground.

Jody is found to be living with her brother Kingsley, who has changed his ways. She has been stealing things from the Dumping Ground to decorate Kingsley's flat with. Mo tracks Jody's mobile to Kingsley's flat, but they get lost on the way. Kingsley reassures Jody that prison helped him to change his ways and introduced her to a lady called Rosie and she lets them take Mike's clock when she is told that Kingsley is under threat from a former gang to which he owes money. The boys track Jody down, but they are refused entry to Kingsley's flat and she shoves them away. Jody is later trapped by a fire caused by a burning candle in the flat and Mo calls the police. Kingsley fears the police and runs away, leaving Jody in the flat. Tyler rescues Jody and they are both told off by Mike for the situation they put themselves in. Jody apologises to the young people for taking their belongings and is forgiven.

The Dumping Ground Series 5

Jody and Tyler are surprised to find that the young people see them as a couple. Jody claims that Tyler already has a girlfriend he is taking to a kids' care forum dinner. Jody and Tyler decide to ask a girl from the skate park to be his girlfriend. After taking a magazine quiz, Candi Rose realises the quiz concluded that Jody and Tyler are perfect for each other. After Tyler breaks up with the girl, Jody tries to convince her to give Tyler a second chance. Jody and Tyler realise that their friendship is important and they don't want it to change.

The Dumping Ground Series 6


Jody has tanned skin and long, straight brown hair. She also has brown eyes. In Tracy Beaker Returns and the first season of the Dumping Ground, she often wore a brown fleece and brown cropped bottoms. In season 2 of The Dumping Ground, she switched to wearing t-shirts with jeans.


Jody is a tomboyish girl. She likes football (as seen in many episodes) and voted for it in Endurance. She is also described as moody (as shown in the episode Stuck With You. She also always wants to be right and always wants to win (as shown in Now You See Me). Jody also likes rock music. In Stepping Up she is shown to be a very talented breakdancer, but on Kia Pegg's Twitter account it said that the break-dancing scene used a double to do the break-dancing for her.


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