Kitty is a former resident of Burnywood and a temporary resident of Elm Tree House. She currently lives in an unknown special home.


Kitty is medium height, and has shoulder length, slightly wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She was shown in her first appearance, The Visitors, to be wearing a long pink cardigan over a white t shirt, floral patterned leggings and white ballet pumps. In the following episode, Firestarter, she wore a short, dusky pink dress under her cardigan, and the same leggings and shoes.

Kitty and Rick are like brother and sister but are just friends. Rick is very protective of Kitty, and the only person she allows to touch her. In episode 1 she pushes Tracy down the stairs when she puts her arm around her to take her outside and again with Tee pushing her away accidentally when she tries to hug her. In episode 3 it is revealed she has been put in a special home with trained experts who can look after her better due to her needs. 


Kitty is a very shy, quiet and awkward girl who is happier to be left alone in her room. She can't stand people touching her. She is a very good sewer and makes friends with Tee, as they have something in common. She also turns Carmens burnt dresses into a cushion so she can keep them, showing that despite her shyness, she is kind too.


  • She is mentioned in series 3, episode 3 when Johnny says to Tyler "They should have sent you to the special home, not Kitty."