Lily Kettle is a former resident of Elm Tree House II. She is currently a chef.


When Lily was younger her mother passed away. This led to her father, Steve Kettle, turning to drink, leading to him becoming a bad tempered man. Lily took on a motherly role towards Rosie and Poppy becoming very protective of them. And before her mother died, she promised she'd look after Poppy and Rosie for her.

Eventually the family was reported to social services, leading to Lily and her sisters being taken to Elm Tree House. When this occurred, Steve attempted to gain access to Elm Tree House, banging on the door. He ended up smashing a window, and it got to the point that Mike and Gina had to call the police. When the police arrived, it took three of them to get Steve into the back of a police van. All this did scare the others, mainly Tee.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series One

When we meet Lily in the first episode, she was shown to be amazing at making up stories for her little sisters, often involving themselves as princesses. At night, when everyone was asleep, she would sneak into her sisters' room and get into bed with them. When Tracy discovered this, Carmen moved into her room so Lily would not feel lonely. When this first happened, Lily did not like that Carmen told her sisters a story (as that was what she did at bedtime) and later put glitter in Rosie's hair (which Rosie did not like). Lily shouted at Carmen, saying that she did not want to be "best friends" with her anymore. They later resolved their differences after Tee spoke to Lily, saying that Carmen was not trying to "interfere" (as Lily had put it), but was trying to be her friend.

Later that season, Lily and her sisters were fostered by a couple called Matt and Christie Perry. However, a few epiosdes later, Lily was sent back to the Dumping Ground and separated from her sisters. Lily had been looking after Poppy and Rosie for years as though she were their mother and had become unwilling to let Matt and Christie look after Poppy and Rosie, confusing the little sisters as they did not know who was in charge. Tracy worked with Lily, trying to make her understand where she had gone wrong and took her back to the Perrys, only for Lily to fuss over Poppy eating tuna and the plan to fail.

After this incident, Lily went on visits (initially supervised) to the Perrys with the intent of eventually being reunited with her sisters. In Good Luck Boy, Carmen and Tee bought a hamster (dubbed "Mr Hamster") to cheer Lily up. This worked until later that night when they learnt Mr Hamster would be running on his wheel all night, leading to Carmen and Lily foisting Mr Hamster on Toby.

In Moving On, on learning that Tracy would be leaving her job in care, Lily was amongst those who did not wish to do Tracy's interviews, her reason being that Tracy had promised that she would get her reunited with her sisters and would be unable to do this if Tracy left her job in care. She also made Carmen and Lily promise to not do Tracy's interviews, leading to a fight between herself and Johnny when he told her Tee would be doing Tracy's interviews. Tracy later told Lily that just because she was leaving, it did not mean she would not still fight to get Lily reunited with her sisters. Like the other residents, Lily did eventually do Tracy's interviews.

Series Two

In the second season, Lily reached the stage where she was allowed to go on unsupervised visits to the Perrys. On one visit, Christie revealed at the dinner table that she would like Lily to move in, much to the joy of Poppy and Rosie. However, Lily was uncertain over this, as she felt isolated from everyone else while being at the Perrys. After this visit, Lily returned to the Dumping Ground and revealed to Carmen what Christie told her. An ecstatic Carmen then revealed this to the others as she thought if Lily went to live with the Perrys, enough money woudl be saved to keep Elm Tree House open, as the house was facing closure from cuts at the time. However, Lily did not want to go and when Christie came to collect Lily to take her away from the protest, Lily ran to the top of the roof to talk to Tracy, where she revealed to her that she was scared that she would mess things up for Poppy and Rosie. Unfortunately, Lily fell off the roof and was hospitalised. She survived, but for the next few episodes she was wheelchair bound.

As a consequence of Lily's fall, Elm Tree House was closed pending an investigation as to why the fall occured in the first place. After being released from hospital, Lily paid a visit to the Dumping Ground soon after it re-opened, only to encounter a frosty reception, including from Carmen and Sapphire, who blamed Lily for having everyone sent elsewhere (including to Burnywood, where Carmen had her clothes stolen and received a black eye). It was on this visit that Lily revealed she would no longer be staying at Elm Tree House, nor would she be living at the Perrys: Cam had fostered her. This earnt her additional ire from Johnny, who was angry with Lily for not wanting to live with the Perrys and also believed that Lily had stolen the foster placement from himself and Tee (Johnny had fallen under the impression that Cam wanted to foster them, possibly based on Cam expressing an interest in possibly fostering again the previous year). Lily and Carmen eventually made up with each other, as well as the rest of the Dumping Ground. Because of this, Lily was the most disliked person of The Dumping Ground in early Series 2.

Lily and Tracy initially did not get on well with each other. Tracy was annoyed, among things, that she had to share the tv remote with Lily and that she seemed to be around every corner. This reached a point where Tracy started avoiding Lily, even going as far as to get a second job as a waitress in a pizza restaurant. In Crushed, Lily borrowed a new top that Tracy had bought, much to Tracy's ire. Matters worsened after, during a visit to the DG, Carmen accidentally got paint on it (whilst repainting Poppy and Rosie's old bedroom, to Lily's ire as she felt as though Carmen was painting away their memory) and after sticking it in the washing machine, the top shrunk as it was only meant to be dry cleaned. This annoyed Tracy, who shouted at Lily. Tracy later apologised to Lily, saying that she had not been a good sister and Lily admitted she took the top to get attention.

In Refugees, Tracy secretly invited Tee and Carmen to Cam's flat whilst Cam was out (Lily was forbidden to have guests round if there was no adult supervision) where the girls treated themselves to makeovers and making face packs. Unfortunately, whilst Tracy returned to the DG for an emergency, the girls ended up getting chillies in their eyes after using a chopping board Sapphire (who had to cover for Tracy when she was called to the DG) had used earlier, leading to fire being accidentally started as the girls had lit candles. Luckily none of the girls were harmed.

By the time of Money, Lily had recovered to the point she no longer needed a wheelchair. She continued to visit her friends at the Dumping Ground regularly. On one visit, Lily was informed by Gina (offscreen) that the police were looking for a large amount of money that they believed had been dumped on the grounds of the Elm Tree House. Lily later sussed out that the Dumping Ground kids had indeed found the money, after receiving a top (as a gift) from Carmen, seeing that Carmen had bought a lot of clothes for herself, and then finding Carmen's share of money hidden inside a cushion (Carmen's usual hiding place). Lily wanted Carmen to split the rest of her money with her, but this idea was shot down when Sapphire discovered that Johnny and Carmen had both acquired money, made them get all the money they had and made had herself, Lily, Carmen, Johnny, Tee and Harry have a share of money proportional to their ages. Eventually, the kids were forced to return the money to the proper authorities.

Lily accompanied the DG residents to a trip out to the country where she was put into a team led by Mike. Whilst on a hike, Lily revealed to Carmen that Tracy acted like "a big kid" at home and noted that at the Dumping Ground, you at least had something going on all the time, as opposed to living with Cam and Tracy where little exciting happing.

Whilst on a shopping trip with Tracy, Lily ahd a chance encounter with her dad, who returned to tell her that he was sorry for the way he had behaved under the influence of drink. Lily tracked him down to a motel room where he was staying where she discovered that he was attending "Alcoholics Anonymous" and, to her dismay, that he was not interested in looking after Lily and had only returned to apologise to her. Eventually, Lily ran away from Cam's flat and told Steve that she wanted to live with him and would keep running if he did not allow it, so Steve lied to Lily that he would meet her at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting place. Instead, Lily was met by Tracy and Mike. On returning to Elm Tree House, Steve was found to be waiting at the entrance where he explained that he wanted to do things correctly and had applied for custody rights for Lily. Consequently, Lily went to live with her father and left Cam's flat.

Despite now living with her father, Lily would return to the Dumping Ground for respite care, in order to give her dad a break from looking after her. During these instances she would share with Carmen.

Series Three

Carmen-lily 304x171

Carmen and Lily in Carmen's bedroom

Lily strove to have her sisters living back with herself and her dad. Prior to a supervised meeting between her dad, her sisters and Rob, Lily had put up numerous post-it notes around the flat as well as making up a story for Steve to tell her sisters. When this meeting failed, Lily reasoned that Steve got nervous due to Rob observing them. She instead formulated a plan: Steve would take Poppy and Rosie on a picnic without Rob observing them, so that Steve would be more relaxed. This outing ultimately ended in disaster when Steve was hit by a swing an needed to be taken to hospital for a bang on the head. In the end, Lily decided that Poppy and Rosie were better off living at the Perrys. It was at this point that Steve took in a three legged dog named "Shadow" to live at the flat.

In Summer Holiday, Lily joined the other Dumping Ground residents on a holiday to a farm, which was cut short after Tee let a sheep into the farmhouse. Lily, like the other DG residents, was annoyed by this to the point she rejected Tee's apology. The reason Lily went on holiday with the kids was because she wanted believed it would be the last time she would do so with the DG kids and had given up a camping holiday with her dad and Shadow in Wales. With the farmhouse holiday now ruined, Lily plotted to go to her dad's campsite in Wales, even inviting Carmen with her and swearing Tee to secrecy. Lily and Carmen booked themselves onto a coach, but were followed by Tee who tried to convince them to get off it, but the coach left the station before the girls could get off. When Tee demanded to be let off the coach, Lily and Carmen followed her. The girls followed a path but Lily and Carmen stopped for a break while Tee went ahead. They were eventually found by Mike, Tracy, Johnny and Frank, who then went after Tee and eventually found her at a posh manor. After getting a new holiday, Lily forgave Tee.

In Jody Jackson, Lily wanted to take Shadow with her the next time she went on respite care, so she formulated a sob story with Carmen's help about Shadow becoming lonely with no one around. However, on reaching the DG, both girls learnt that Jody would be staying in Carmen's room, raising the question as to where Lily would sleep during respite. Lily then had the idea of asking Tracy if she could stay at Cam's for respite, but Tracy said that this would not be possible as Cam was no longer Lily's foster mother. Additionally, as Steve appeared to be doing well, Mike even suggested that Lily's respite care be abandonned altogether. In front of Mike, Lily agreed to this, but when the care workers were out of earshot, Lily confided with Carmen that (sometimes) living with her dad was like living with Poppy and Rosie again; Lily would have to do things like remind her dad to hang up his towels or remember to leave water for Shadow. While Lily never said a word to the care workers, Tracy picked up that something was wrong with Lily and told Mike, who then allowed Lily was allowed to come for respite. Lily was even allowed to bring Shadow and share with Carmen as Jody was given her own room.

The Dumping Ground

Series One

In Home Alone, Carmen invited Lily to the Dumping Ground for a few days whilst Mike was on holiday and Gina hospitalised. Lily was happy to do this, as it would allow space for Steve and Shannay (her dad's new girlfriend) to discuss baby names (Shannay was pregnant). The girls wanted to put henna on themselves and also go to an unsupervised party with Year 7s. However, after Gus ended up wearing the henna and threatened to blow up the DG with a grenade, the girls decided to have a "girl's night in".

Lily was still staying at the Dumping Ground when the kids exhausted the food and was punished with the others as a consequence for living home alone and seizing Johnny's money.

Not long after, Shannay moved into Steve's flat. Lily became annoyed with Shannay rearranging the flat with her belongings and reached the end of her tether after Shannay knocked over a picture of Poppy and Rosie, and then discovered that Shannay would be bringing her cat, fearing that the cat and Shadow would not get along. Lily went to Elm Tree House to attempt to move back in, but was refused, so Mike instead arranged a meeting between Lily, Steve and Shannay. During the conversation, Lily told Shannay to put her baby in care and stormed out of the meeting, only for Shannay to go into premature labour. Now feeling remorse, Lily returned to her dad's flat the following day, only to find that Shannay had moved out because she had forced Steve to choose between them. Lily apologised and made a present: a Memory Box for the baby with a family tree inside with all Lily and Steve's Family to welcome them back to her dad's flat.

Lily joined the others for the trip to Hidden Hall where she role played an Edwardian Lady. She (or Tee or Floss, who too were role playing Edwardian ladies) was to be "married" to Harry (role playing the Earl of Hidden's son). When it came to the formal dance, Harry told the others that Johnny (role playing the Earl of Hidden) had made Carmen cry, prompting Lily to stop dancing with Johnny on the grounds she did not want to marry someone with a "rubbish dad". Johnny retorted that he doubted anyone would want to marry Lily for the same reason, enraging her and leading to her picking a fight. Johnny apologised the following day.

Lily later invited Carmen and Tee to an unsupervised sleepover at her dad's falt, having tricked Shannay and Steve (who were on holiday at Shannay's sister's flat) into thinking Lily was in respite care and Mike and Gina into thinking the sleepover was supervised. Unfortunately, the sleepover was not a success. Lily had to ask the girls not to make noise as this would upset the neighbours downstairs and had to ban them from touching Shannay's belongings and food (which would have annoyed Shannay), earning ire from Carmen. Later that night, Lily and Carmen discussed what they wanted to do when they left care. Carmen took umbrage at Lily's desire to live an average family life against her own desire of travelling the world and becoming a celebrity. The following morning, Lily decided she had been too uptight, brought out the dancemats and accidentally broke Shannay's ornaments whilst dancing. She covered for the other girls by saying she came back early and accidentally broke them. Before leaving the flat, Lily and Carmen resolved their differences, saying that they had not grown apart from each other, but they merely wanted different things in life.

Some time later, Lily, again on respite care, was on a shopping trip with Carmen where they encountered a rich girl named Esme. After Esme was mugged, they took her back to the Dumping Ground with her. During her visit, Lily overheard a conversation between Carmen and Esme, where Carmen again wrote off her desires as being average. This led to Lily telling the others, who became annoyed at Carmen. The following morning, Lily found a note on Carmen's bed saying that she had gone to Esme's house to travel to Rio. Lily followed Carmen, who was upset that Esme was unable to take her to Rio and had claimed Carmen was one of Esme's friends from school as opposed to being a care kid. They returned to the DG, having resolved their differences, where Lily lied to the others she had been mistaken about Carmen's conversation with Esme.

Series Two

In The Barbecue, Lily left for the coast with her family as her dad would now be running a cafe. Prior to this, the DG residents held a barbecue for her. However, when Lily told Carmen what was happening, Carmen was annoyed by this, especially on learning Lily wanted to go, as she felt she was abandoning Poppy, Rosie and herself. They eventually made up their differences and Lily left Carmen with a bracelet with a silver dog (that reminded her of Shadow) as a goodbye present.

Series Three

Lily never appeared in the third series of The Dumping Ground, but in Three Days, Mike and May-Li were about to take everyone out for the day, to a trip to Bristol and to visit Lily and her family. But they were unable to go, when the new resident Sasha Bellman broke the headlights on the mini van after being told that she had to stay behind. (Because she was only at Ashdene Ridge temporally,as she was being sent to a secure unit).

The Dumping Ground Dish Up

Lily did return to star in her own mini spin off series called The Dumping Ground Dish Up. The plot for the mini series was that Lily had to make a vlog for her catering course, and she asked a few of her old friends from the Dumping Ground days to help her with it. Lily invited, Sapphire, Frank, Elektra and Johnny to help her with it. There were 5 episodes, and each episode a different character cooked a different recipe/meal that another person had come up with.


Physical Appearance

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Lily wears clothing that are nearly always in shades of purple. She usually compliments her purple and lilac clothing with a jacket.


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