She's a user mate, she's bad news!

Liam, to Frank in "Firestarter"

Lizanne is a temporary resident of Elm Tree House II and a former resident of Burnywood.

Lizanne is a very sneaky and manipulative girl. She's a bit of a gold digger, and a flirt, and messes with the boys at Elm Tree House's heads, she only seems to go out with boys who have money, and she likes to scam them a lot. Lizanne lies a lot to get sympathy from other people, sometimes leading to her giving crocodile tears.


Before living in care, Lizanne used to live with her mum, but when her mum got ill, she was taken to hospital in the Psychiatric Ward. And Lizanne ending up in care. Lizanne does have an older brother called Romeo, but it's unknown why she didn't go live with him whilst her mum was in hospital. Lizanne was sent to live at Burnywood. It's unknown how long she was living there, but one night when she was straightening her hair, when she'd finished she accidentally left the straighteners on. And whilst Lizanne went to bed, she woke up early in the morning to loads of smoke coming from the straighteners. She managed to get them out the building and into the garden, but by the time she got back to her bedroom a fire had started and spread.

Throughout Tracy Beaker Returns

Series 3

Lizanne only appeared in two episodes of Tracy Beaker. In the episodes "The Visitors" and "Firestarter".


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