"Lost and Found" (also known as "Slings and Arrows (Part 1)") is the 1st episode in Series 4 of The Dumping Ground and the 48th episode overall. It aired on January 29, 2016.


Bailey's world is rocked when his mum turns up at Ashdene Ridge. Can he forgive her for abandoning him as a toddler? Meanwhile, Carmen resorts to drastic measures when Ofsted inspectors arrive unexpectedly.





  • The size of the episode title credits have increased since the previous series.


  • The newspaper with Bailey's picture reads "This Seasons Young Hopefuls". There is a grammatical error as there should be an apostrophe in "Season's".
  • Carmen, after having to wear glasses since "Fake It to Make It" suddenly doesn't need them anymore. It's possible that she started wearing contact lenses instead.

Production Errors

  • The BBC's website at first erroneously listed the compilation version of the episode with the episode description from "Refuge".
  • For the episode's first individual broadcast, the BBC's website erroneously referred to the episode as the second episode of series 4, rather than the first.
  • The subtitles call Floss "Ross". This occurs in both the compilation and individual episode versions.
  • In the audio described version, when Jody and Mo take "Alison" upstairs, the narrator calls Jody "Jo".
  • On BBC iPlayer, it says that this episode was aired on January 30 instead of 29.

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