Nathan Jones was a care worker introduced in the second series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. Nathan was originally a trainee care worker, but he officially become a proper care worker in the Series 2 episode "Nathan's Assessment".

Although he has been accused by his co-workers as well as some of the other children of being unprofessional, his 'childlike' manner allows the residents to trust him. Unfortunately, his behaviour also causes trouble and unintentionally hurts the residents' feelings. Nathan has also has to be reminded to complete his coursework. Nathan, however, can always be relied upon to view situations from the residents' point of view. Nathan is particularly fond and protective of Dolly even though she lost him a girlfriend. He is sometimes referred to as the 'oldest kid in the home.' He is like a big brother to all the kids although he acts like one. He is kind especially to Dolly. Even though Nathan can sometimes come across as a hopeless care worker, and doesn't have a clue what he's doing, he proved that wrong when Crash was struggling with his anger and was getting worried that he was just like his abusive dad. It's unknown what happened to Nathan, as he left off-screen in-between Series 3 and the Movie of Me .


Nothing is known about Nathan's background. It's unknown if he has any family as his family or childhood was never brought up during his time in the show.

The Story of Tracy Beaker

Series 2

In "Home Truths", Nathan becomes even more distracted from work when he gets himself a girlfriend. Dolly grows jealous of his girlfriend and ultimately causes him and Anna to break-up.

Series 3

In "Crashed and Thrashed", Shelley becomes extremely annoyed with Nathan, as she felt like he acts more like one of the kids, then being a care worker. When Tracy got sent a T-Shirt from Cam from New York, Nathan irons it for her to get rid of the crinkles in the top. But when Nathan accidentally burns the top the with iron, Tracy becomes extremely cross with him. Crash gets annoyed with this as he was trying to watch TV, which caused Tracy to say to him that he's never been sent anything, not even a postcard. Crash reaches breaking point and picks up a chair, ready to throw it at Tracy. But luckily he stopped, and just threw the chair at the window. The noise caused everyone to run into the living to see what had happened, and everyone was just shocked at what just happened, even Crash. In the office, Elaine, Shelley, Duke and Nathan had a talk with Crash about his anger issues. Elaine tried calming Crash down with some of her anger management, but Crash gives up as he couldn't calm himself down. Elaine then rather stupidly said that maybe Crash'd be happier somewhere else, Shelley, Duke and Nathan were shocked about this, whilst Crash runs out the office to his bedroom. Nathan then says to Elaine "How could you be so dumb?!", and follows Crash to his room. Nathan has a talk with Crash, and Crash felt ashamed that he wanted to hurt Tracy, and went on to say he was just like "him" (his dad). Nathan consoled Crash and reassured Crash that he is not like his father. Nathan decided to make Crash his own anger management room in the basement. Where he could throw chipped or cracked plates and bowls at a target board whenever he started to become angry or overwhelmed with things. Of course, he had protection to wear (hard builder's hat and goggles). Shelley was impressed with Nathan after this.


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  • James Cartwright who portrayed Nathan, was actually only just 17 years old when he first starred in Tracy Beaker.