Poppy Kettle is the younger sister of Lily and Rosie and she is the older sister of Jonah Kettle. Poppy is the daughter of Steve and she is the foster daughter of Matt Perry and Christie Perry.


Before the Show

Poppy is the youngest child of Steve Kettle and his wife. When Poppy was only a baby her mother died of an unnamed illness. Dealing with his grief, he started to become an alcoholic. Poppy, along with Lily and Rosie, were taken into care.

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 1

Poppy first appears when watching the television in the living room. Lily is good at making up stories and is seen telling her and [[Rosie Kettle|Rosie]].In the night, Lily gets lonely and checks on her sisters and sleeps in bed with Poppy,which Mike and Gina don't think is right. Poppy and her sister get closer to Carmen which upsets Lily. Carmen is unaware that Rosie doesn't like stuff in her hair and puts glitter in her hair and Rosie starts to cry. Later when Lily is telling them a story she asks 'Is Carmen in our story' and Carmen and Lily reconcile. All three siblings get fostered by [[Matt Perry|Matt]] and [[Christie Perry]], which upsets Carmen and reveals that Poppy and Rosie called her 'Auntie Carmen'. Later Lily gets returned to Elmtree because she was taking over looking after the girls and making them cry. Tracy intrudes on a picnic and Lily insists that Poppy doesn't like tuna which begins a major argument between the Perries and Lily, which makes Poppy and Rosie cry.

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 2

Lily is visiting Poppy and Rosie at Matt and Christie's and tells her that Lily can come back and stay with them which the girls are thrilled about. Although, Poppy and Rosie have moved on and prefer listening to a Captain Cibble story from a book that one Lily made up herself. But, Lily is unsure about moving back because she fears she might ruin it for Poppy and Rosie. 

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 3

It is found out that Matt and Christie have enrolled Poppy in a lot of clubs but her favourite is gym and was winning medals. Due to Steve reform Rob plans a meeting between them. The girls are only in there for 5 minutes because they do not remember him and it unsettled them. Lily feels tht Steve would do better without any social service being there and plans a picnic. Lily only tells Tee and Carmen of her plan. Everything goes fine but Poppy ate too much cake and was sick. Matt and Christie are furious and Steve thinks it's better for the girls to stay at the Perry's because he can't give them what they can. In the end, Steve is allowed frequent visits to see them.