"Quiz" is the 16th episode in Series 2 of The Story of Tracy Beaker and the 42nd episode overall. It aired on February 27, 2003.


Nathan enters the Dumping Ground into the National Youth Quiz after he wins an award. But as the teams play, is there treachery afoot?


Nathan comes to the Dumping Ground one day showing off his award in the quiz he partaked in recently. As he is explaining how he won the award Adele discovers that Nathan mixed her white t-shirt with something green in the washing machine and dyed it. As she criticises him- 'NATHAN! ARE YOU COMPLETELY BRAINLESS?!'- he reveals that he has entered the Dumping Ground into the National Youth Quiz, much to the dislike of the children, but they are soon convinced to the idea when he reveals that the finals will be held in London and they will stay in a posh hotel.

With the help of Cam, the kids start revising for the quiz. But later in the week, Jenny reveals that only three people can partake in the quiz. After some arguments (and Justine, Louise and Tracy bribing Dolly with sweets, resulting in her feeling sick and not voting) the three winners of a part in the quiz turn out to be Bouncer, Louise and Tracy. The quiz master is also revealed to be Elaine, so the quiz is unbiased.

Later, Lol, Bouncer and Tracy watch as the other team arrive and quickly realise they have no hope of winning. But then Lol hatches a plan to cheat, with Lol looking the answers up in a seperate room, telling them to Justine and Justine coughing a certain number of times (once for A, twice for B and three times for C). This plan greatly confuses Louise.

As the quiz begins the Dumping Ground team put their plan into fruition as the first question is asked, much to the dislike of Dolly. But as the opposing team are asked their first question, it becomes obvious that they are cheating too.

After the first round, the staff come together to consider the possibility of cheating as both teams got all of their questions right. Meanwhile, Dolly vents her frustration at her team cheating. As they try to convince her cheating is good, she reveals that she confiscated the other teams phone, so they cannot cheat. But she also reveals that she confiscated her team's phone as well, so neither team can vote.

After a disastrous second round. The scores are tied at three all. Lol and Tracy realise that they need to take action, so they swap the questions with some questions they made up. As the final round commences, the scene starts with the score at 3-5 to the opposing team with Elaine about to ask the Dumping Ground their questions. It soon becomes evident that the new questions are their specialist subjects (American Football for Bouncer, flowers for Louise and her name for Tracy). As a result, the final score is 6-5, meaning the Dumping Ground wins.

Afterwards, as they celebrate, Jenny comes in to congratulate them and to reveal that she has disqualified both teams. As the kids protest, Jenny reveals she found the real questions behind the goldfish tank.