Ricardo "Rick" Barber is a former resident of Elm Tree House and Ashdene Ridge.



Rick lived with his father and mother, who were both scammers. From time to time, his parents would involve them in his scams and before his parents would pull off a scam involving him, his mother would recite to him the opening lines of Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky so he would be quiet. Rick was also a fan of music that has been produced in the 1980s, which he picked up from his parents, and would listen to vinyl records with his father whenever he returned from school. Eventually, however, his parents were caught, found guilty and sent to jail, leading to Rick being sent into care.

Rick was sent to live at the care home Burnywood, where he shared a room with a boy named Tyler. While there, he also met a girl named Kitty, whom he became very protective of.

One day, Lizanne, another care kid at Burnywood, accidentally set fire to cushions with her hair straighteners. This led to Rick and the other residents (including their care worker) having to live at Elm Tree House.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Season Three

Rick and Tyler ended up moving into Sapphire's old bedroom, which was now free as Sapphire had moved out to live in a flat. Unfortunately, the previous year, Tyler had stolen Carmen's belongings when she had stayed temporarily at Burnywood the previous year. This led to Rick having his belongings taken with Tyler's when Carmen (with Elektra's help) decided to exact revenge on Tyler and the pair did not know what belonged to Rick and Tyler.

After this in the episode Firestarter, another fire broke out, this time at Elm Tree House. Rick was initially hesitant to help Tracy and Gus, who were attempting to find out who started the fire. Rick revealed that he had seen Lizanne carrying the smouldering cushions (which she had set on fire with her hair straighteners) into the back garden, as well as discovering that cigarettes had been planted in Kitty's room (to frame her), which he tossed out of the window, only for them to hit Tracy (who had been sent home by Dennis, the Burnywood careworker who forced control from Mike, as a punishment for Gus falling through the attic's floor).

Rick was fostered prior to the episode Shadows. However, he got into a fight with his foster brother and returned to live at Elm Tree House in the episode Eggs. Rather than move in with Tyler again, Rick moved into Liam's old room, as Liam had left to live with his brother.

On the day Rick returned to the DG, the other young people were taking part in a task Tracy had arranged where they were put into pairs and made to look after an egg for the day. If all of the eggs were intact by the following day, the young people would be rewarded with a new computer (the existing one had been wrecked prior to the episode). If any of the eggs were cracked, there would be no computer. Rick ended up in a group of three with Carmen and Harry, where Rick decided to decorate their egg to look like Carmen.

In Justine Littlewood Returns, Rick was present at the lunch where Justine brought her fiancé for lunch. He sussed out that the fiancé was a fraud after recognises the con he talks about when he explains how he met Justine where he stole Justine's purse, then pretended to have found it. He says his Father called it 'the old steal and return' and was how his parents met. Rick agreed to keep quiet about this, in return for Justine's fiancé getting the kids a new laptop (as the kids were still without a computer). Eventually however, Rick told Justine that her fiancé was not all he seemed.

Rick knows when people are lying; in Episode 7 (Justine Littlewood Returns - mentioned above) Tracy lies about loving Seth to Rick whilst touching her nose. He tells her that she's not telling the truth. He also hints that Justine's fiance is a con-man by saying that he could be dealing with Pro Liars.