Roxy Wellard is a former resident of Cliffside and Elm Tree House I. She is Rio and Chantal's younger half-sister.


Before the Show

Roxy was born to unnamed parents. She shares the same mother as Chantal and Rio, but has a different father.

The Story of Tracy Beaker: Series 4

Roxy, Rio and Chantal arrive at Cliffside the same day as the rest of the residents transferred there. They terrorise them; Roxy flushes Hayley's doll down the toilet. The rest of the residents and Tracy stage a protest against them.[1]

Physical Appearance


Roxy has long brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. She is quite small and thin. She always wears her hair in a ponytail.


Roxy always wears gothic, black clothing and black chunky boots. She is often seen wearing a pink feather hair bobble accompanying her ponytail. Originally, Roxy was always seen wearing a black dress with a white shirt underneath, but as she matures, she is seen wearing jeans and t-shirts with slogans. She sometimes wears dangly earrings.


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