Samantha 'Sam' was a temporary resident of Stowey House.


During a nit season Samatha's mother fell ill on what the doctor thought was appendicitis. Samantha was taken to Stowey House in the middle of night and presumably met Duke who put her to bed on the sofa.

Soon she was acquainted with Tracy, Justine and Louise. Louise decided to look after Samantha and offered for her to stay in her room. Eventually Louise got tired of Samantha because she didn't want to play, dress up and Samantha wanted to stay in the normal bed rather than the camp bed.

Tracy began to take on Samantha and made her breakfast and offered her to stay in her room, saying that Samantha could take the regular bed. The two of them bonded and shared secrets. Samantha cut all her hair off at Tracy's encouragement and the two took a picture of themselves, remarking that they could be twins. Jenny later told Samantha that the appendicitis was a false alarm and her mother was going to collect her soon.

When Samantha's mother did arrive she was far from impressed and scolded her daughter for chopping her hair off, Tracy came clean and was sent to her room. Samantha came to say goodbye to Tracy and gave her the cheerleader pom poms.


  • Samantha is a cheerleader