Sapphire Fox is a former resident of Elm Tree House II.


Sapphire is confident and is also very independent. She was the oldest out of the kids, and often wished she could move out while she was at Elm Tree House. She cares a lot for Harry, as he is younger than the rest of the house and can be pushed over by some of the older children. She clashed with most of the others at some point - probably due to her not being afraid to express her opinions. However, she mainly argued with Elektra, but this is changed when they work together to help Johnny, and they both seemed to be friends when they both returned in 2015, in The Dumping Ground Dish Up.

Before the Show

Sapphire was the daughter of a band member who travelled through Europe. Her father was a promiscuous man and as a result she had numerous siblings, including a half brother named Riff. At one point in her life, Sapphire lived with her father, Riff and her step-mother. She was eventually taken into care, while Riff stayed with his mother. At some point, she went to visit her father whilst he was on tour with a band. Before going home she got onto the tour bus just to talk to her dad, but she fell asleep in a pile of people's coats. A customs man found her, and when she woke up she found herself in Amsterdam.

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 1

Sapph was living at Elm Tree House when Tracy came to work there. She had a bond with Harry whom she treated like a little brother, while Harry looked up to Sapphire as though he were her mother. She did not get along with Mike and Gina and on occasion would visit her boyfriend, Ferris, without their permission. On another occasion, she got free tickets to visit see her father's band, but was forbidden by Mike and Gina. She attempted to wrangle her way through Tracy, as Tracy believed Mike and Gina were forbidding Sapph from seeing her dad, not knowing that Sapph had deliberately snuck aboard the tour bus. Tracy also discovered Sapph was not interested in seeing her dad, with whom Sapph no longer cared for, but merely wanted to spend time with Ferris. Ultimately, Sapph did not go as Johnny, who was cleaning the floor at the time, found the tickets and flushed them down the toilet.

Sapph also owned some tarot cards. On one occasion, Toby, worried about how his life would turn out if he went to stay with his foster parents, asked Sapph to do a reading. He ended up picking out a card with the word "death" on it and hid under his bed. Sapph, however, told Toby that this not mean Toby or his potential foster parents would die, but rather it meant the death of his old self and a new beginning for him.

Sapph was also annoyed that she could not get privacy inside the Dumping Ground, even if she stayed in her own room, and on one occassion stole the lock off the toilet door. She settled for hanging a no entry sign after this incident.

While they apparently had chemistry between each other, Ferris made Sapphire handle video games he had stolen. However, this was discovered by Tracy, who had discovered the games in Sapphire's closet and then stalked Sapph and Ferris whilst they were out at a shopping centre. Tracy threatened to report what she had found to Mike and Gina, only for Sapph to blackmail Tracy that she would inform Mike of Tee falling out of the tree and Liam and Frank escaping the Dumping Ground while Tracy was meant to be on night watch to sell pizzas, only for them to get dragged back to the Dumping Ground by an angry man. However, Tracy tricked Ferris into lying to Sgt. Nelson (whom Tracy was writing a newspaper column for at the time) that Sapph had stolen them. Sapph protested her innocence to Sgt Nelson, and threatened with Sapphire being taken to the police station, Ferris confessed. Afterwards, Ferris attempted to contact Sapph, but she deleted him from her contacts on her mobile phone.

Series 2

Series 3

Throughout The Dumping Ground

By the time of the Dumping Ground, Sapphire had been able to secure a new flat and was living independently again. However, she now lived too far away for Harry to visit her and vice versa. She has been mentioned on numerous occasions, but hasn't appeared in any episodes.

The Dumping Ground Dish Up

Sapphire returned in 2015, in the mini spin-off "The Dumping Ground Dish Up". She returned alongside Lily Kettle , Elektra Perkins , Johnny Taylor and Frank Matthews.


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