"The Real Faith Davis" is the 6th episode in Series 1 of The Dumping Ground and the 6th episode overall. It aired on February 1, 2013.


Wicked whispers fly when the police come to see Faith, who will not say why. And new girl Floss wonders where on earth she has been dumped.


The episode opens with Faith using the computer (with Rick looking over her shoulder) to see on a website how much has been donated to her sponsored run. She goes to the dining room where everyone else is having breakfast, where she announces the amount of money she has raised - over £1000! Everyone is thrilled, but Faith does not know how she managed to raise so much. It turns out that Mike contacted people he knew and learning that Faith was running for a childrens charity, they all chipped in. Faith is more interested that she will be running tomorrow and Johnny comments that it is only a half marathon, much to the annoyance to the other kids. The doorbell then rings. Tee and Gina go to the door, expecting the new girl who is coming to live at the DG, only to find two police officers who are looking for Faith.

In the quiet room, the police woman tells Faith that she does not need to come with them now, but can make an appointment later. Faith however, decides to "get it over with" and leaves with the officers.

Outside of the quiet room, Carmen and Elektra have been listening. They find the other kids in the pool room (breakfast has finished), where Elektra tells them that Faith has been arrested. The kids then go to the hallway where they find Faith being escorted out by the two officers. Mike quickly walks up to them and tells them that Faith has not been arrested and is not in trouble, but Elektra does not believe him. Mike then tells the kids that the new girl is arriving soon and that he does not want them to scare her, so he tells them to make themselves scarce.

In the pool room, Elektra and Carmen speculate that Faith is a robber, with which Lily agrees. Tee and Rick disagree with the notion Faith is in trouble with the police, which Elektra rubbishes on the grounds that the police do not come to Elm Tree House to see people who are not in trouble. Frank is present as well but he does not say who he is siding with. Elektra then reveals that even though she is Faith's room mate, Faith has not told Elektra anything about herself.

In Gus's old bedroom, Mike is talking the Floss, the new girl, where he explains that Floss can decorate the room any way she wishes. Harry then arrives to greet Floss and offers to give her a tour of the house, like Gus used to do. Floss agrees and Harry leads her out of the room.

In Faith's bedroom, Lily and Elektra are going through Faith's belongings. Tee is keeping watch at the bedroom door. The girls discover a bracelet with the name "Razz" on it as well as a pamphlet on performance enhancing drugs.

Elsewhere, Harry shows Floss his bedroom and even introduces her to Jeff. Floss asks if he could hold Jeff, which Harry allows. Floss is happy and hugs Jeff. Harry tries to tell Floss to stop holding Jeff, but she refuses, so Harry lets her continue to hold Jeff, but only until the tour is finished.

Back in Faith's room, Elektra ponders out loud why Faith has a pamphlet on performace enhancing drugs. Lily suggests that Faith is taking drugs to help with tommorrow's race, which Tee disagrees with.

Lily and Tee exit the bedroom. They are spotted by Harry and Floss, where Harry points out who they are to Floss and mentions the incident when Tee fell out of the tree.

Lily tells Carmen her claims that Faith is taking drugs, which Carmen swallows hook, line and sinker. They do not notice Harry and Floss spying on them. Harry decides to tell Floss the time Lily fell off the roof and the time when Carmen nearly fell through a bridge (and also claims he saved Jeff from a poisonous snake that day, when it was actually Elektra). The stories scare Floss.

Outside, Johnny and Tyler are playing football, but start slagging each other off, each claiming that they are fitter than the other. While they are distracted, Jody takes possession of the ball and kicks it into Johnny's head. Carmen then comes to speak to Jody and tells her that Faith (or Razz as Carmen calls her, thinking it to be Faith's street name) was arrested taking drugs. Carmen swears Jody to secrecy, but Jody then tells Johnny and Tyler after Carmen walks away. Tyler does not believe her, but Johnny does. Johnny then goes to Rick and tells her what Jody told him. Rick rubbishes this, but Johnny still thinks Faith was doing drugs and asks if Rick can get his donation money back.

Faith returns with Gina, who blanks Mike on the way back in. Gina tells Mike that Faith did not show any emotion over the incident and refused to talk about it. Rick comes up and asks if Faith is back. Mike says that she is, but asks that Rick leaves her alone. Rick then tells Mike that the others believe Faith "is halfway to the nick by now".

Harry and Floss are in the kitchen where Harry has got the pair of them orange juice. Faith walks in, takes Floss's orange juice, ignores the pair of them and walks out. Harry tells Floss not to worry as people in the DG "take things all the time", referencing the time Carmen stole Jeff. This does not reassure Floss.

In the pool room, the other kids (bar Harry, Floss and Tyler) are arguing with each other. Gina calls for silence and the care workers tell off the kids for spreading gossip and have given Floss a poor impression. Unfortunately, the young people were not even aware Floss had arrived! Mike tells them that Faith will tell them why she was taken to the police station when she wants to.

Elektra goes to see Faith who is putting her shoes on to train for tomorrow's race. Elektra taunts Faith, claiming that she is putting on a golden girl persona, but that there is something else going on saying that it is why the police came for her. Faith turns on Elektra, saying that she knows nothing about her and that complaining about how miserable your life is will not change anything. Elektra retorts that Faith is not going to herself any favours by shutting people out, saying that it will only make things worse and that it is her fault everyone started making up rumours about her because they knew nothing about her.

In the pool room, Carmen yells at Jody for spreading around what she told her, which Jody retorts that whoever told Carmen probably told her to keep quiet too. Elektra enters, telling everyone inside to keep their mouths shut in future. Faith then walks in and tells the others what really happened - the police found the body of a dead man they believe to be Faith's brother, "Razz". The only way they can tell is if Faith's DNA matches the body, so Faith went with the police to have a DNA test. She then leaves to train. Unknown to everyone inside the room, Harry and Floss have been outside. Floss tugs on Harry, but he tells her to get off. Harry then turns to talk to Floss, but finds she has dropped Jeff and scarpered.

Faith warms up outside while the others watch her. Frank goes up to Faith, saying that he was upset when his grandfather died. Faith however, rebuffs any of Frank's attempts to get through to her and goes off to the park.

Harry goes to Floss's bedroom, thinking that she will be there, only to find that she is not.

In the kitchen, the girls ponder how to get more information out of Faith. Elektra says that she cannot get anymore out of Faith. Tee suggests that someone trains with Faith. The other girls refuse to go training, but think they know someone who will. They go to the pool room where Johnny and Tyler are again arguing over who is the fittest. Johnny then sees the girls smiling at him.

Harry is still looking for Floss when Mike finds him, saying that he wants to start painting Floss's bedroom. Harry lies that they are playing hide and seek, which Mike finds odd as Floss used to hide from her mum out of fear. Mike tells Harry to bring her to him when she finds her.

Back in the pool room, the boys start arguing over who should ask Faith what happened to Razz, so Lily suggests they both go. The boys follow Faith to the park. Tyler complains that he has caught athsma and gives up running after Faith. Johnny, however, is able to keep up with Faith. He claims that he and Tyler both want to get fit and asks if Faith trained with Razz. Faith stops and tells Johnny to do 20 press ups. Johnny starts, but Faith puts her foot on his back to keep it straight. Johnny asks Faith if she treated Razz like that, to which she replies that Johnny ought to have said he wanted to talk about Razz instead of asking questions under the pretense of wanting to train with her until she answered. Johnny says they just want to know how he died, but Faith just runs off.

Back at the DG, Harry has still not found Floss. Elsewhere, Rick learns from Frank that the amount of money has almost doubled and that Frank has altered Faith's donation page to mention Razz's death. Rick protests that Faith did not want the others to know, so telling the rest of the world was a bad idea. This also leads to Faith telling off Frank for this as well. Frank protests that he was trying to help, to which Faith protests that she did not want anyone's "help" to begin with.

Faith goes back to her bedroom to get things for a shower. Elektra walks in, trying to tell Faith that while Frank may have made a mistake, he was only trying to help. Faith retorts that people trying to "help" was how she ended up in care to begin with - Faith had been living on her own without a parent or guardian and had to look after herself, pay her bills and juggle this with her schoolwork, but despite this everything was fine (at least to her). It was when she told a teacher "in confidence" about her situation that she ended up in care.

Tyler and Johnny, both exhausted and sweating, return through the back door into the kitchen. They tell the girls they learnt nothing to which Carmen decides everyone should forget trying to find out Faith's past. Harry then bursts in to the kitchen to ask if anyone has seen Floss.

Mike decides to find Harry and Floss himself to paint Floss's bedroom. However, he is stopped when the phone rings. Gina picks it up and tells Mike it is the police. They go to Faith's room and break the news - the dead body was not Razz! Faith, however, is distraught at this news and runs out of her room.

Faith runs to the part of the garden with the car seats, sits down on one and starts sobbing. Floss comes out of hiding from behind another of the car seats. She tells Faith not to cry and that she cries sometimes. Faith asks Floss what she is doing. Floss replies that she is hiding having been scared by Harry's stories. Faith reassures Floss that Harry is a good kid, did not mean to scare her and tells her to find Harry. Floss asks Faith if they can go together, but Faith says she needs some time.

Back in the dining room, the girls try to convince Harry to tell the truth. Harry however is worried about getting in trouble for scaring Floss. Mike and Gina walk in and try to ask Harry where Floss is. Before he can tell them, Floss enters the dining room. She covers for Harry by not telling the others he scared her, but she does tell the others that Faith is crying. Gina and Elektra find Faith at the car seats, where Gina convinces Faith to have a lie down. Faith is then led by Gina and Elektra back to her bedroom. Elsewhere, Floss, Mike and Harry get to work repainting Floss's bedroom.

Elsewhere, Frank goes to Faith's bedroom, telling her that talking helps. Faith explains to Frank that the dead man was not Razz. She goes on to say that she is upset because if the dead body were Razz, who vanished after Faith's grandmother died, it would explain why he never came home.

In the pool room, the care workers explain that Faith is in no fit state to be running tomorrow. After they leave the room, Johnny wonders what they are going to do with the money that has been raised. Tee says that they will not have to return it if someone else runs, which leads to Johnny being volunteered (Tyler refuses believing he broke his hamstring earlier with Faith).

The following morning, Johnny starts psyching himself up for the race. Tyler enters his room to wish him good luck, saying that Johnny is fitter than he is, resolving their arguments from yesterday. Elsewhere, Elektra tries to encourage Faith (who is lying in bed) to run, saying that it goes against what she knows about Faith - that Faith does not give up. She gives Faith a shirt with her name on it, saying that Faith is more than a name, and tells her to at least come to the starting line to scrape Johnny up.

Floss and Harry are inside her bedroom has now been repainted to a jungle theme. Harry says that he likes the jungle, to which Floss replies is for Jeff, who is moving in with her. Harry tells her that Jeff does not want to move in, to which Floss replies that if he does not let her keep Jeff, she will tell Mike that she scared her away.

Later, the others are about to leave for the half marathon when Faith arrives wearing her new t-shirt, saying that Johnny should not have to run it without training. This leads to both Faith and Johnny running the half marathon.


  • First appearance of Sarah Rayson as Floss Guppy.
  • Final appearance of Jeff until season 3's Stuck with You (though he is seen in in season 1 of The Dumping Ground Survival Files which aired in-between seasons 1 and 2 of The Dumping Ground).



  • In the scene where we learn Frank rewrote Faith's donation page to mention Razz's supposed death, when we see the "My Story" section of the web page, Faith's surname has been written as "Davies". Oddly enough, her surname is spelt correctly (as "Davis") on the rest of the page.
  • Frank would have needed a password to edit Faith's donation page and it is not explained how he knew it.
  • Lily recalls Frank's reaction when his grandad died, but she was not present during this event.

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