Series 4 of The Story of Tracy Beaker aired on October 7, 2004, and finished on April 5, 2005.






No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
1 79 "Return to Sender" October 7, 2004
With Tracy now living with Cam, the arrival of the Wellard siblings at the Dumping Ground guarantees trouble.
2 80 "Bouncer vs. Lol" October 14, 2004
Tracy plans a special birthday surprise for Bouncer, but it is overshadowed by his row with Lol.
3 81 "In With the Wellards" October 21, 2004
Jackie is surprised to find the Wellards might not be as bad as she first thought.
4 82 "Meet The Parent" October 28, 2004
Tracy's loyalties are tested when a new family member promises a lifestyle she would like to get used to.
5 83 "Single White Female" November 4, 2004
One Elaine is bad enough, two Elaines are unbearable, but Tracy meets three.
6 84 "Can't Buy Me Love" November 11, 2004
Tracy is convinced she can budget better than Cam, while Layla's operating a money-making scam of her own.
7 85 "Life Is a Cabaret" November 24, 2004
Tracy finds the DG and discovers that its inmates have undergone a massive transformation. 
8 86 "Temper, Temper" December 8, 2004
Tired of battling with the Wellards, the DG kids find a foolproof way of hitting them where it hurts.
9 87 "Love and War" December 15, 2004
A new care worker is sending one heart aflutter, and Hayley is convinced that Duke is up to no good.
10 88 "Beam Me Up, Scottie" January 4, 2005
Hayley proves that the cute ones get fostered first, but that is not much consolation to Marco, who concludes he is too weird to ever find a family.
11 89 "Testing Times" January 11, 2005
An official visitor to the Dumping Ground inspires Tracy to review Cam's progress.
12 90 "Best of Enemies" January 18, 2005
Tracy agrees to help Elaine out, but hadn't bargained for bumping into an old enemy.
13 91 "The Finishing Line" January 25, 2005
Jackie receives some upsetting news.
14 92 "Dear Dad" February 1, 2005
Crash finds he has more in common with Rio than he first thought, and Marco investigates a theft.
15 93 "Democracy" February 8, 2005
Anarchy reigns as the kids get rid of the rules at the Dumping Ground.
16 94 "The Snake" February 15, 2005
Rio's lost his beloved pet, but Sid refuses to see the funny side.
17 95 "Rebel Without a Clue" February 22, 2005
The new care worker isn't quite as she first appears, but Sid is too busy getting a life to notice.
18 96 "The Long Run" March 1, 2005
Jackie is reluctant to think about change, while the other kids come up with a novel way of making money.
19 97 "Independence Day" March 15, 2005
A wild new arrival gets tongues wagging, but Bouncer is worried he could be taking his place.
20 98 "Beaker Witch Project" March 22, 2005
Tracy and the Dumping Ground kids go on holiday, but it is not quite the break they bargained for when things start to go bump in the night.
21 99 "Roxy the Rock" March 29, 2005
Tracy and Roxy battle for the title of Queen of the DG, but Roxy doesn't find it so easy without any back-up.
22 100 "We're Off the Map Now" April 5, 2005
With two of the kids leaving, a send-off to remember is guaranteed.