Toby Coleman is a former resident of Elm Tree House II.


Toby was a very brainy boy, as he seemed to know a lot about Science. Toby was also into comic books, sci-fi, super heroes and fantasy creatures like werewolves and vampires. Toby often had bad luck, convincing him he was cursed. Making the others sometimes pick on him a bit calling him "Bad Luck Boy". Tracy wrote a story for her column in Series 1 that was inspired by Toby. She called the short story "Bad Luck Boy". Not knowing at the time about Toby's past.


Before being placed into the care system, Toby used to live with his mother and father. But one unfortunate night, he and his parents were arguing, causing for Toby to shout and yell at them, and call them names. They ended up going out for a drive to try and cool off a bit, and give Toby some time on his own to calm down. But unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman crashed their car, leading to them dying in the accident. Toby was taken into care shortly after. At some point, Toby was fostered by a woman but she unfortunately also passed away when she was hit by lighting. Twice. This was when Toby started to become convinced he was cursed, and that everything he touches will go sour and rotten and horribly wrong.

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Toby had light ginger hair and often wore a green or orange t-shirt and wearing a checkered shirt over it. He would also usually wear trainers and beige cargo shorts.





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