Tracy Beaker is the main protagonist of the Tracy Beaker franchise of books and television series'. Previously, she was a high-tempered girl in foster care turned into a powerfully independent care-worker at Elm Tree House. Her mother, Carly Beaker, gave birth to her as a teenager. As a child, her mother's boyfriend used to beat her so she was taken to the Dumping Ground for domestic violence. Four years after her foster mum was married to Gary, they divorced and she became a social worker. Currently, she lives with Cam, her adopted mother and occasionally by herself, when her mum is in New York.



In her teenage years, 16-year-old Carly Beaker (Tracy's mother) was pregnant with her. Once Tracy was born, her mum left her at home unattended so she could go the pub and stay out late with her friends. As she was jealous that they could all go out whenever they wanted. Then, her mother got a boyfriend named Dave, who Tracy called "Monster Gorilla Boyfriend", who was possibly her father, who used to hit and abuse her a lot. She was sent to a Care Home by social services. Since she couldn't stay with her mother, she often cried and caused tantrums so she was often sent to The Quiet Room.

Tracy was eventually fostered by Ted and Julie, but a few months after she had moved in, Julie found out that she was pregnant and Tracy was sent back to The Dumping Ground, as they felt they'd struggle to look after both Tracy and their baby.

The Story of Tracy Beaker

Series One

In the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker, at first, Tracy returns to the Dumping Ground (Stowey House II), after being kicked out of Ted and Julie's house because of the new baby arrived and Tracy has had a horrible history with babies. Angrily, she packed her things to stay only to see her best friend, Louise being friends with Justine Littlewood. Then, she became even more infuriated when Justine had her old bedroom, due to her being away, whilst she was fostered. Instantly, she became Justine's worst enemy and broke, by sneaking into her room, Justine's clock which her dad got for. In an attempt to escape from the Dumping Ground, she met her new friend, Ben Batambuze, who said that he lived on the streets, they kept on chatting and instantly became friends in the process as they walked along the streets together happily and she was impressed with the large quantities of chocolate he had.

At the beginning, Tracy was seen looking at the files, in the office, so she could see her mum's address and had no luck. Tracy stormed in Jenny's office to tell her something to get rid of Elaine, but Jenny said she couldn't contact her mum. Soon after, she and Justine played the Dare Game with some others, which they decided in the dining room, while having lunch. She found herself with some horrid dares and even ended up eating a worm so she could win her old bedroom from Justine, who now owned it. Afterward, she became sick and began throwing up a lot. In the end, she then decided her new room is much better and then let Justine keep it. We also learn that Tracy had a social worker, Elaine Boyack, nicknamed "Elaine The Pain", whom she hated.

Later on, Tracy met Cam Lawson, a struggling author, as there was not much activity in the Dumping Ground and Tracy was extremely excited, but was upset when Justine had to dampen her spirits and wore makeup, from Adele, to impress her, with disastrous results. Since she is an author and Tracy loves writing, she wanted to make a first good impression on her and ended up having a fight with Justine, as she provoked her, making them embarrassed as Cam watched the whole thing. Fortunately, Cam said to Tracy about how much she liked her, to which Tracy responded to thanking Cam.

Later in the series Tracy learned that another couple called Terry and Jill Brown wished to foster her, but was disappointed after being pranked by Peter to see they are old. On the other hand, Peter liked the look of them. The day out didn't go well, as Tracy was too lively for Terry and Jill to cope with. However, they liked the look of Peter. Tracy overheard Jenny and Mike telling Elaine that Peter would probably be much better suited with the Browns, and was cross with Peter for ruining her chances. When Peter told Tracy that he wasn't ready to be fostered yet, she persuaded him to be bad to put the Browns off. Peter started pulling some of Tracy's antics, but even shouted, 'I'm badder than Tracy Beaker!' and it ended up going too far. However, Tracy later told the Browns that she told Peter to do what he did.

Tracy became increasingly frustrated with Cam, who had still not decided whether or not to foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlisted Ben's help to go to see Cam in person. When they arrived at her flat, Cam was out, so Tracy and Ben rearranged the furniture, played music and ate chocolate. When Cam got home, she was furious and took Tracy back. Tracy later apologised for breaking into her flat, and Cam says that she was still considering fostering her.

At the end of the series Cam asked Tracy to move in with her. Tracy agreed, packed straight away and had a lovely goodbye from all the staff and children.

Series Two

Unfortunately, Tracy landed back at the Dumping Ground after setting fire to Cam's kitchen. After this incident, Tracy refused to talk to Cam, so Elaine resolved to get them talking with a series of role-play and trust exercises. Whilst Elaine briefly leaves the room, Tracy and Cam snuck off and Tracy decided to show Cam what it's like to 'be her', which culminated in a disappearance at the shops to indicate how she felt when Cam left her. As the episode ended, their friendship was back on track.

Later in the series, Tracy met Ben's Aunt and Uncle, Kate and Jasper, who decided that they wanted to foster her. Tracy was initially ecstatic about this, only to learn that living with Kate and Jasper would mean moving to Scotland - far away from the DG, her best friend Ben and of course, Cam. In the end Tracy decided to go to Scotland, but only for a holiday.

Series Three

Tracy was still living in the DG, but got worried when new head care worker Shelley Appleton decided to move her to a different care home. To make matters worse, Cam was leaving for New York. Fortunately, after the other kids formed an alliance to all leave if Tracy did, Shelley postponed the idea.

She later made friends with Crash and new arrival Jackie Hopper, who made a dash for the door at every opportunity, whom Tracy convinced to stay at the Dumping Ground for a while. Elaine ended up making her try out some potential new foster parents, none of which Tracy liked at all but ended up developing a bond with father and son Tom and Jake, the latter of whom Elaine gained a crush on.

Series Four

After the events of the Movie of Me, Tracy was back and living with Cam, and just around the corner at the new location of the Dumping Ground. Just as they moved in, they were also joined by the Wellards who guaranteed it wouldn't be a smooth move. But Tracy was taken back to save the day. Whilst in the Dumping Ground, Bouncer ended up in a fight on his birthday with Lol which Tracy helped to deal with and revealed that Bouncer would be leaving soon.

After Tracy ended up being made to meet Cam's mum, Penelope Lawson, Tracy ended up unexpectedly liking her. Tracy spent the shopping money Cam gave her for things she wants, leading to an argument with Cam. One night, Tracy woke up and she was back at the care-home and everyone seemed to be singing and not enjoying themselves and suddenly it became like the west-end musical Chicago, which turned out to just be a dream. Crash, Jackie and Tracy had a master plan as they took pranks from the Wellards. This ended up with Chantal feeling rather emotional. Tracy also helped when Bouncer had feelings over careworker Jane.

Meanwhile, at the Dumping Ground, Tracy had refused to help Marco look normal to get him fostered. Tracy helped when an Inspector came to the Dumping Ground and was scammed into thinking from the Wellards that the careworkers were being abusive to them. Tracy ended up re-meeting Justine during a scam by Elaine to make herself look good and the two teamed up to take her down. Tracy helped Jackie overcome some difficulties when she was very emotional after her grandfather died. Tracy watches as Rio and Crash find something in common. Tracy was still at Cam's, while Duke was interested in a new job, and a battle of the sexes ended up at the DG following Elaine's attempt to introduce a democracy at The Dumping Ground.

Series Five

Tracy had gone on holiday with Cam to Egypt. While there, Cam met Gary and ended up falling for him, to Tracy's disapproval. This ended up with Tracy somewhat neglecting Cam who liked Gary. However, at Lol's farewell party, Alice failed to saw anything in Tracy's future, apart from Lol stating that Tracy will be with him at the halfway house. She later was talked into giving Gary a try by Mike, which Tracy did and she liked him. This however faded when Cam and Gary revealed that they were going to marry, and led to Tracy resenting the two. She then revealed to Crash and Jackie that this was because she thought Cam and Gary would soon have children after being married and forget her, to which Crash and Jackie told Tracy that Cam would never do this and she ended up accepting them, and left speechless by their intents to adopt her.

Tracy Beaker Returns

Series One

Four years later, she had written an autobiography, however, she used Cam's credit card to publish it and the police soon caught on. She was arrested and interviewed before being locked up, where it was revealed that Cam's marriage with Gary didn't work out, with Tracy stating that they don't talk about him, but the reason why is still unknown. She was released when Cam dropped the charges, on condition that she paid her back and that she helped write a column for the newspaper. When she returned home, she heard some angry sounding messages from Cam and she ran away from home. She ended up in the Dumping ground and Mike allowed her to stay the night. The next day she asked Mike for a job and he let her become an assistant careworker. However, she did not do a good job, always being late and breaking her promises to the kids. After Tracy found a note from her mother saying she might visit that was hidden by Mike and Cam and after being told that she might be fired, she quit and left. With the help of the kids, she got her job back. After that, she had a job filled with excitement almost every day and she became closer to the kids, particularly Lily and Toby because of their problems. Some of her adventures as a careworker included her disastrous first night shift at the Dumping Ground, her attempt to get Lily back with Poppy and Rosie and her attempt of finding out about stolen goods in Sapphire's room. In the last episode of the first series, Tracy was offered a job for a newspaper in London and she had to write an article about life in care. Everyone refused to help at first, but eventually they decided to help her. Tracy was given the job, but she turned it down, saying that she would much rather stay at the Dumping Ground.

Series Two

In the second series, Tracy learnt that the council were going to shut down the Dumping Ground and so she climbed onto the roof and started a protest. The protest ended in disaster, however, when Lily ended up climbing onto the roof and falling off. As a result the Dumping Ground was briefly closed, but re-beakerised thanks to the news reports about the accident. Mike was almost sacked because of the protest, was thankfully let in. Lily was fostered by Cam after the accident, and Tracy started to feel jealous as it had always just been her and Cam living together. After briefly getting a second job at a cafe to avoid spending time at home, Tracy finally accepted having Lily as a sister and they started to bond even more. After many more adventures at the Dumping Ground, including being made to dress up as a giant sausage with Sapphire and having to be a team leader during a weekend in the countryside, Tracy finally lost Lily as a sister when she decided to live with her dad once again. When Cam left for New York, Tracy started having panic attacks at home, finally resulting in a big one in front of the kids, which Tracy was able to recover from.

Series Three

In series 3 Tracy dealt with cynical Burnywood careworker Dennis Stokle, tried to get shy, Mousy Kitty out of her shell despite being warned of her unpredictable behaviour resulting in Tracy being injured badly, and helping Lily to try and help her to get Rosie and Poppy with their dad, Steve Kettle. In episode 7, Tracy had to deal with Justine Littlewood returning to The Dumping Ground - she announced that she was getting married with a man called Charlie, but Tracy, looking out for a fellow care kid, found that Charlie was cheating on her and exposed this to Justine. In the final episode of Tracy Beaker returns, Tracy decided to leave the DG because she became a fully qualified careworker in a different care home. She was replaced with Melanie, who made Tracy jealous because on Tracy's last day of working at the DG Melanie did everything better than Tracy did, including saving Jody Jackson's life after she had an allergic reaction. However, after Tracy saved Mike from almost being killed, Tracy ended up on good terms with Melanie. Tracy slept overnight at the DG, then the next morning said a heartfelt goodbye to Mike and left for good.


Physical Appearance

To begin with, in the books Tracy had black curly hair, pale skin and black eyes. Throughout the book she is described as small, with Football saying she is tiny and Tracy refers herself as a 'little titch'. She is shown usually wearing bright red jumper with a short, blue skirt with long dark blue socks and light blue slippers. Her eyes are shown to be small black dots and her black eyebrows curved. In photos, she is shown to have bright red cheeks as well as a short round neck. In the first series of television series, she is shown have brown eyes instead of black eyes and her fashion sense is the same as it was before along her other qualities. As of the second series, her fashion sense changes are she wears more age-appropriate clothes, like boots or leather jackets, as she has become twelve- years old and also her hair is longer as she sometimes decides to wear it in plaits. Then, as of the third series, she keeps her long hair but prefers to wear it curly and continues this til to the end of the television show. In Tracy Beaker Returns, she has longer hair and fairer skin. Even though she is still short and is shown to be shorter than Liam and other teenage Elm Tree House residents. Her fashion sense is varied, but it still the same as she wears leather jackets occasionally with boots but mostly jumpers.


At the first, Tracy has a fierce personality and appears strong and independent, often described as 'tomboy'. She is usually portrayed as extremely tough since in Starring Tracy Beaker she gave Justine a bloody nose by rapidly punching her. As well as this, people tend to fear her because of this. However, in Justine's Telly, she is described, by Jenny, as a '"softie", since she made a petition for Justine when her television stopped working. Once, in a interview, Jacqueline Wilson stated "Tracy is so outrageous. It's great to invent somebody who is far bolder than you would ever be yourself. I do think she's got an excuse for bad behaviour, though, because she's had a really tough life. If Tracy didn't have this total determination to survive and get her own back on people, she would be an extra-specially sad soul." She has an interest in revenge and has often got her back on other people many a time. As revealed in Sufia The Silent, she is a flair for art as she paints a stream, until Michael ruins it. At the at age of ten, she remained fantastical about mother coming to take her home. Later on, Tracy becomes more mature and nice with. Four years later, Tracy becomes more bubbly and cheerful however her ideas still come off as, what Gina calls, a "Tracy Plan". Also, as she is, at first a little reckless and causes Tee to fall off a tree, showing she is not ready to be a care-worker and is described as "a lousy care-worker". Later on in the series, she is respected and is seen a responsible, mature adult and more emotional.


Writing: Tracy excels in writing and journalism, keeping a diary as a child through Stowey House I, and later publishing a novel of her time in care. She frequently writes newspaper columns about life in Elm Tree House II as a care worker.



Carly Beaker

Ever since The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy has always admired her mum and thought she would pick her up from the Dumping Ground (Stowey House) any second from them, however this never happened. So, Tracy then refused that her mother will ever come back and was extremely sensitive about her, until Elaine said that she had tracked her down and she could come to visit her ("The Dare Game"). After this, Tracy started admiring her again as she kept on giving her presents. Her relationship with her mum instantly affected her relationship with Cam as she found her mum telling her Cam is only fostering her for her money. ("The Dare Game", "Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me"). Eventually, she stops obsessing over her mum after Tracy asked for the former's blessing to live with Cam, which Carly decided to do so, thinking it was the right thing to do ("Tracy Beaker's Movie of Me").

Tracy's Father

Tracy briefly mentioned her mum's boyfriend who could've be her father, given that she was a her mum's boyfriend. Tracy was shown to resent him as he used to slap her, which is why she was sent to the Dumping Ground. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker"). However, she rarely mentioned her father, as she preferred not to contact him. Perhaps he was her mum's former boyfriend and dumped her or he forced her to do things resulting in the birth of Tracy. 

Ted and Julie

Tracy used to love staying with Ted and Juile, as they were great foster parents and she was certain they were doing stay with her, until her mum came. (The Story of Tracy Beaker). However, due to a new baby arriving Ted and Julie thought that Tracy would be angry as she has a history, with babies (since she locked one in the closet). They are seen in Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground, dropping her at the house. However, they didn't drop Tracy at the home in the books but instead she ended up with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid.

Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid

Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid took care of Tracy for some time. She is shown to resent them, although she harboured no feeling for Uncle Sid. In a dream, she saw Aunt Peggy and the other people she knows hurting her.

 Cam Lawson

When Tracy first met Cam, she thought of her as an inspiration and tried extremely hard to get her to like her trying to make a good first impression, even wearing makeup, but ended getting in a fight with Justine, her arch-enemy ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "Cam's First Visit"). After this, Tracy got interviewed by Cam and was delighted that she was going into an article. But, ended up asking Cam to find a mum for her, who didn't want to keep in contact with her. ("The 1000 Words About Tracy"). At first, Tracy thought of her as a role model and then began to think of her as a friend. Soon, Tracy wanted Cam to desperately foster her despite the fact she was not ready. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker)", "Tracy and Cam Row", "Romance", "Helpful Tracy"). However, after a while, she eventually fostered her. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "The End!"). Throughout the series', Tracy and Cam had their ups and downs, such as how Tracy set her house on fire. However, they went on a trip to Egypt. But, their relationship was disturbed by Gary, who later adopted them. In Tracy Beaker Returns, Cam divorced Gary and gave Tracy advice about being a care-worker ("Full Circle", "Bad Luck Boy"). She then moved to New York, but returned after six months.


Given that Gary was Cam's boyfriend, Tracy had to get along with him but could not stand him. However, it was not because he did something wrong but he took up most of Cam's time. In fact, she even moved to the Dumping Ground again. ("Free Piggy"). She often thought of him as a barrier between her and Cam. However, they some how become friends and Tracy is willing to be on good terms with him for Cam. He was Tracy's foster father and between 2006-2010, as Cam and Gary were divorced. She mentioned at one point that 'we don't talk about Gary'. ("Full Circle"). It's assumed that Gary cheated on Cam.

Penelope Lawson

Tracy first met Penelope Lawson, in Meet the Parent and thought she was horrible because of everything Cam said about her. However, they began to talk and enjoyed conversing to each other, given they have so much in common and both know Cam very well so they have a lot to talk about.

Lily Kettle

Tracy first thought of Lily as just another one of her kids in care and treated her like everyone else ("Full Circle", Bad Luck Boy"). But, gradually she began to like Lily much more, hanging out with her more often and began to start a good relationship with her. Lily often listened to Tracy, telling people that Tracy said something that they shouldn't do, to the kids in care. However, their personalities sometimes clashed. Soon, they became foster sisters in Fallen because Cam wanted to foster her but Tracy became jealous instantly and wanted Cam for herself. She often took care of Lily and was devastated when she came to live with her dad but knew it was the right thing to do. Even though they are no longer foster sister she still kept an eye on her and made sure she did the right thing. 


Camilla was a young girl, who was fostered quickly in The Story of Tracy Beaker (Book). She was close friends with Tracy, as Tracy mentioned her in the book.

Louise Goven

At first, Tracy met Louise when she moved to the first moved to the care-home, for domestic violence. Instantly, they became best friends and planned they'd move out themselves, when they were older. ("The Story of Tracy Beaker"). However, Tracy was fostered twice: with Ted and Juile, and then Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sid. Throughout the books, she didn't find Louise a threat and in fact loved her long golden locks and lovely looks but made it out like she didn't like her. Justine mainly affected her relationship with Louise, who saw her as a friend ("The Story of Tracy Beaker", "Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground", "Justine's Telly", "Sneaking in Ben", "Sleepover") But, Tracy became upset when Louise left Stowey House to be fostered by another family. Louise tried to help on multiple occasions, unknown to her. ("Sneaking in Ben"). And at some points Louise just wished that her, Tracy and Justine could just be friends.

Peter Ingham

At first, Tracy wanted to have nothing to do with Peter, describing him as 'weedy' and was even more annoyed when he said she was her best friend. However, Peter and Tracy somehow became friends and Tracy stated that she missed him (The Dare Game), along with Justine and Louise. Through the books, Tracy taunted Peter emotionally, despite how nice he was to him. Also, when he got adopted by Terry and Jill she seemed rather sad about it.

Adele Azupadi

Since she was a teenager, Tracy was seen being extremely clingy with Adele, which sometimes annoyed her ("Cam's First Visit", "Helpful Tracy"). However, Adele admired the fact Tracy was inspired by her. In many scenes, Tracy usually borrowed makeup from her. Tracy also loved Adele's independent lifestyle, as seen in Bedsit. However, Tracy and Adele aren't seen interacting much throughout the series 2, since Bedsit and Two-Timing Adele.

Ben Batambuze

Tracy was extremely close friends with Ben, first meeting him in Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground, thinking he lived on the streets. However, up until The Truth is Revealed, she was more interested in his large quantities of chocolate and his background of living on the streets instead of his character. But, she found him good to talk to ("Tracy Returns to the Dumping Ground", "Sneaking in Ben", "The Truth is Revealed").

Crash Daniels

Crash had been a close friend of Tracy since they met in The Story of Tracy Beaker (Series 3). Tracy and Crash, along with Jackie were known as "The Three Musketeers". Throughout the series, Tracy helped by Crash on several occasions. It is also hinted Crash had a crush on Tracy. (Tracy Beaker: The Movie of Me). Tracy was usually chosen by Crash to do stuff with him.

Jackie Hopper

Since the time Jackie arrived, in Jackie, she and Tracy have been extremely friendly to each other. Throughout the series, she was often seen walking around with her or taking the bus somewhere. Tracy's bond with Jackie was extremely strong. As soon as they met, Tracy had always been supporting her, especially in difficult decisions ("Jackie, "Good as Gold"). Both her and Crash, along with Tracy are known as "Three Musketeers", given that they stuck to each other, through thick and thin.

Roxy Wellard

Tracy crashed a lot with Roxy, as they both thought of themselves as the Queen of the Dumping Ground. Which eventually led to a series of battles between them, and the winner would be the new "boss" of the Dumping Ground. Roxy won, but Tracy faked not being able to go on further with the last challenge, as she saw herself in Roxy, as they both often felt like it was themselves against the world. Roxy confronted Tracy afterwards before she went home to Cam's and asked why she cheated and let her win. When Tracy told her why she let Roxy win, Roxy just replied with "I'd've beaten you anyway". To which Tracy just said again that she's the same as "The Beaker".

In series 5, Tracy and Roxy seemed to of bonded slightly, as they both hated it when Bouncer took over as the chef of the Dumping Ground, as his food was all healthy and stopped everyone else's usual chaotic behaviour, making everyone act like mindless zombies.

Liam O'Donovan

At the start of the series, Tracy met Liam, when they were both being questioned by the police: Tracy because of using Cam's credit card to publish her book, and Liam for turning a man's washing pink at a launderette. Tracy started to talk to Liam and acted friendly with him to cheer him up a bit whilst they were both uncertain what was going to happen to them. Liam ended up being extremely close to Tracy. Tracy was often seen stopping him from one of his schemes ("By The Book", "Anarchy in DG", "Out of Control", "Big Brother"), along with Frank. However, Tracy often helped him make the right decisions, regarding his personal life at Elm Tree House. Liam saw Tracy as a big sister to him. ("Liam's Story").

Carmen Howle

Tracy first met Carmen, prior to her stealing Cam's credit card. She then asked Mike for permission to stay at Elm Tree House for a bit, only for her to be given a job as a care-worker there. Tracy was oblivious to the fact that Carmen, along with Lily and Tee, thought she was a celebrity because of her book, My Life in Care, written by Tracy. However, Carmen still trusted her, despite the fact that she was a minor celebrity and as shown in Viva Carmen supported for judgements on decisions because she was unsure whether to stay with her mum. Similar to Carly Beaker, Tracy's mum, Carmen's mother used to leave her by herself so she could go to the pub and hang out with boys. Carmen started to not like Tracy as much when Justine Littlewood came back to ask Mike to give her away at her wedding. As Justine started telling everyone that Tracy made everything up about her in the book Tracy wrote (which wasn't true). Carmen grew to Justine, which made Tracy feel even more jealous about Justine. And when she overheard Justine and Carmen talking about fostering, Tracy believed this was just Justine trying to win one over on Tracy.

Tee Taylor

Similar to how the other residents of Elm Tree House met Tracy, Tee met her, thinking she was a celebrity and was asking her many questions. They officially met in By the Book. They got along well at the first. Despite this, Tracy managed to interfere with Tee and Johnny's brother-sister bond, when she was angry about the way Johnny treated Tee. But, they seemed happier with each other later in the series. Tee seemed to like Tracy alot, and at one point Tracy gave her a Peter Pan book with a note written inside. This was revealed in Tee's last episode in The Dumping Ground, "One For Sorrow". Tee was one of the most upset about Tracy leaving the Dumping Ground to work at another care home.

Gus Carmichael

Upon her first day at Elm Tree House, as an assistant care-worker, Gus Carmichael was persistent to make sure that she got a tour of Elm Tree House (like he did with every new person who arrived at the Dumping Ground). Tracy found it very difficult for Gus to calm down and relax, as he had Autism. However, Tracy realised that Gus thoroughly respected her, as well as everyone one else because she was a "fun care-worker" and has been a care kid herself. Tracy started to understand how to handle Gus more as the years went on and became someone he trusted a lot. As Tracy and Gus started their own investigation once to find out who had started a fire in the attic in the opening episodes of Series 3. They both caught out the person who started the fire, which turned out to be the cynical care worker from Burnywood, Dennis Stockle.

 Frank Matthews

As well as mostly everyone else, Frank liked Tracy a lot. When Frank's Grandad died, Tracy helped Frank through the grieving process, and when Frank sold his grandad's pocket watch to buy a headstone for his grandad's grave, he was told by the council he can't have one as no one had really paid for his funeral. Frank tried to buy back his pocket watch, but was unable to after a dodgey antique shop owner cheated him and was selling it for much more than she bought it for from Frank. Tracy managed to get the watch back for Frank when she made a deal with the shop owner.

Sapphire Fox

Sapphire and Tracy first met properly in Bad Luck Boy, when Sapphire got tickets for a festival her dad was touring with. Tracy decided to help Sapphire when she found out Mike and Gina weren't letting Sapphire go to the festival. But Sapphire wasn't being entirely truthful with Tracy and was taking advantage of the new trainee care worker. When Tracy was told about Sapphire's dad's past, she understood why Mike and Gina didn't want Sapphire to go. Tracy tried talking to Sapphire, but she just thought Tracy was trying to get the tickets off her. At the time, Tracy was also trying to convince Toby Coleman to meet some potential foster parents, and Sapphire ended up convincing Toby to meet them, which the two started bonding. In the episode Secrets, Tracy found a box full of video games in Sapphire's room and decided to spy on her in town. She followed Sapphire and her boyfriend Ferris Lloyd around town. Sapphire later told Tracy that Ferris was giving her presents and Tracy was under the impression that he had stolen them. Tracy managed to sort things out before Ferris got Sapphire into serious trouble, as Ferris began lying saying it was Sapphire stealing all the stuff. But luckily, Ferris owned up when the police got involved as he didn't want Sapphire to get into trouble. Although Tracy tried to be a trustworthy care worker, Sapphire didn't agree and found her "nosey", which was just her being a typical teenager. Tracy ultimately found Sapphire the hardest to trust, as she was fiercely independent and older than all of the other Elm Tree House residents. However, later on, she respected Tracy more than usual and the two became quite close.


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