Tracy Beaker's Thumping Heart is the Comic Relief special and the fourth book in the Tracy Beaker series. It was written by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt. It was published by 5 Febraury 2009.


Peter has a immense crush on Tracy Beaker and even gives her a locket, which was her mum's, much to Tracy's dismay. Tracy talks to Cam about it and she gives her some advice but she can't seem to stop his crush on her.  Then, she tries to get a role on Barney's Swap Shop and needs to find something to swap on the show for something of equal value: the gold locket.


At the start of the book, Tracy is fanstising about her mother, when Justine rudley interrupts her and begans to teasing her. Tracy begins talking about Adele, who she wants to invite her to one of her parties. After this, Peter begins acting strangely around Tracy, as he is nervous. Immediately, he asks Tracy to be his Valentine, with Justine staring in the background. Then, Justine tells everybody making Tracy extremely embrassed. Peter still wants to Tracy to be his Valentine and buys her a necklace, which his late grandmother owned. After she talks to Jenny and Mike, she finds out that she could go on Basil and Barney's Swap Shop, a show she watched on the television. She decides she wants to sell the necklace on the show, much to Peter's dismay.


It's Valentine's Day in the Dumping Ground and Tracy Beaker is very scornful of all the fuss made about cards and presents... until she gets one herself! Weedy Peter has decided he wants Tracy to be his Valentine and he's given her his beloved nan's treasured gold locket. Tracy is over the moon - it must be worth a fortune! What could she sell it for... or swap it for...?

Follow Tracy in this special Comic Relief adventure as she heads for fame and fortune. Will she swap Peter's locket live on TV? And is it possible that Tracy herself might lose her heart...?