Series 2 of Tracy Beaker Returns premiered on January 7, 2011, and ended on March 25, 2011. This series contained 13 episodes.





No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
1 14 "The Burnywood Menace" January 7, 2011
When the Dumping Ground is threatened with closure, Tracy's actions leads to disaster.
2 15 "Drained" January 7, 2011
Tracy must face the truth: because of her actions, Mike looks certain to be sacked.
3 16 "Crushed" January 14, 2011
Tracy finds it hard to deal with Lily when she moves into Cam's.
4 17 "Refugees" January 21, 2011
Two refugees are left at the Dumping Ground. Gus tries to find out what their story is.
5 18 "Money" January 28, 2011
A big bag of money is dumped in the home's garden and the kids try to hide it from Tracy.
6 19 "Elektra" February 4, 2011
New girl Elektra starts a club at the dumping ground.
7 20 "What You Don't Know" February 11, 2011
Johnny persuades Tee to get fostered without him, but it doesn't make anyone happy.
8 21 "A Day in the Country" February 18, 2011
A fun weekend in the country turns into disaster when Tracy is made team leader.
9 22 "The Scare Game" February 25, 2011
Tracy is not pleased when Lily's dad arrives unexpectedly.
10 23 "Out of Control" March 4, 2011
Tracy unexpectedly becomes involved with a group of old people.
11 24 "Snake Bite" March 11, 2011
A friend from Elektra's past arrives, but is she who she says she is?
12 25 "Grandad" March 18, 2011
Tracy and the others come together to help Frank after he learns his grandad has died.
13 26 "Chain Reaction" March 25, 2011
Tracy finds it hard to deal with life when she is left to live on her own.