Season 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns aired from 6 January to 23 March 2012. This was the final season of Tracy Beaker Returns and Dani Harmer's final work as Tracy Beaker.

With the exception of John Bell (Toby) the main cast from season 2 returned and introduced some new characters: Daniel Pearson as Rick Barber, son of con artist parents, Miles Butler-Hughton as Tyler Lewis, a practical joker, and Kia Pegg as Jody Jackson, a young girl who is taken away from her mother. As well as Dani Harmer (Tracy), the series also featured the departure of Richard Wisker as Liam O'Donovan, as well as the final appearance of Saffron Coomber as Sapphire Fox.


No. in Series No. Overall Image Title Airdate
1 27
"The Visitors" January 10, 2012
A power struggle ensues when four young people and their care worker arrive at the Dumping Ground after a fire at Burnywood.
2 28 "Firestarter" January 11, 2012
When a fire breaks out at the Dumping Ground, Tracy and Gus set about discovering who the fire starter is.
3 29
"Shadows" January 13, 2012
There is an escaped prisoner on the loose and strange things start happening when Tracy is alone with the YP on a dark, stormy night.
4 30
"Big Brother" January 20, 2012
A pirate DVD stall leads Liam to a man who claims to be his brother, but his electronic tag keeps Liam from finding out what's going on.
5 31 "Belonging" January 27, 2012
Tracy gets tangled up in Lily's plan to reunite Poppy and Rosie with their dad. Meanwhile a stray dog becomes attached to Frank.
6 32
"Eggs" February 3, 2012
Tracy sets an egg-sitting challenge: the YP team up in pairs to look after an egg, but eventually every egg gets smashed.
7 33 "Justine Littlewood Returns" February 10, 2012
Justine Littlewood arrives at the Dumping Ground, wanting Mike to give her away at her wedding.
8 34 "Reward" February 17, 2012
When Tracy agrees to write the annual awards certificates, a chain of unintentional consequences leads to Johnny carrying out a robbery.
9 35 "Summer Holiday" February 24, 2012
Tee accidentally lets sheep into the farmhouse, and the Dumping Ground summer holiday is over.
10 36
"Going Home" March 2, 2012
When Elektra's sister arrives at the Dumping Ground, her family secrets are uncovered.
11 37
"Jody Jackson" March 9, 2012
A new arrival at the Dumping Ground creates chaos for Tracy and upset for Carmen.
12 38 "The Invitation" March 16, 2012
Mike gets an MBE, but Tracy's plan to let the young people decide who should go with him to the palace doesn't go smoothly.
13 39 "Goodbye Tracy Beaker" March 23, 2012
Tracy is leaving for a new job but can't help feeling that Mike is glad to see her go.