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Tracy Beaker Wiki is a fan created encyclopedia which aims to be able to provide information on every single aspect of the Tracy beaker franchise by Jacqueline Wilson. This site will cover the Book series, the four CBBC television series as well as their episodes, characters locations etc. This site is produced by the fans for the fans meaning that any visitor is free to add what they know about the series to this wiki's pages.

The television shows on CBBC.

Did you know?

  • ...Daniel Pearson (who played Rick Barber) appeared in Emmerdale as Belle Dingle's short-time boyfriend, Luke Salter?
  • ...The character Faith's name suits her absolute faith to try her best?
  • ...Dani Harmer played two roles at the same time on the same television channel?
  • ...Connor Byrne was a ballet dancer before acting?
  • ...Kay Purcell (Gina Conway) appeared on Emmerdale?
    • ...And Kay also starred in Waterloo Road as Bolton Smilie's mum Candice Smilie?
  • ...Tracy Beaker is not Jacqueline Wilson's favourite character she has invented but the most popular?
  • ...There was a play made of the Tracy Beaker book, the Dare Game?
  • ...Jacqueline Wilson thought of the surname of Tracy Beaker when she was in the bath and spotted a beaker?
  • ...Amy-Leigh Hickman has a sister called Abby Hickman?
  • ...Amy-Leigh Hickman starred Ackley Bridge alongside Poppy Leigh Friar who portrayed Eve in "Eve" on CBBC?
  • ...The characters Frank Matthews and Layla's portrayers suffer from Cerebral Palsy?
  • ...Dani Harmer had failing GCSE results?
  • ...Nick Sharratt illustrates the TSOTB books and shows, TBR and TDG
  • ...Dani Harmer has a brother and sister?
  • ...Louis Payne, who plays Scott Jenson, a former careworker of Ashdene Ridge plays TJ in Wolfblood
  • ...Richard Whisker and Dani Harmer acted together in another show called "Dani's Castle" on CBBC?
  • ...Luke Youngblood appeared in two Harry Potter films as Lee Jordan?
    • ...And Dani Harmer also starred in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as an extra, but her scenes were cut during editing?
  • ...Stacy Liu appeared as Tamara in Miranda Hart's BBC sitcom Miranda?
  • ...Nisha Nayar starred in an episode of Doctor Who in 2005?
  • ...Richard Wisker appeared in an episode of the Doctor Who Spin-Off, The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2010?
  • ...Ciaran Joyce had a small role in an episode of the other Doctor Who Spin-Off, Torchwood in 2007?



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