Tyler Lewis is a resident of Ashdene Ridge and a former resident of Elm Tree House II.


Before the Show

Tyler was put into care after his mum, Sally, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, was deemed unfit to look after Tyler. Tyler never met his dad.[Reference Needed]

Tyler was sent to live in Burnywood, where he was made to share a room with Rick Barber, with whom he became friends with.[1]

Tracy Beaker Returns

Season Two

While he was not seen on screen and was not named, Tyler was living at Burnywood when Carmen and Sapphire were made to live there after Elm Tree House was closed down. Whilst the Elm Tree kids were living there, Tyler stole Carmen's clothes and when she attempted to ask for them back, gave Carmen a black eye. It is unknown what Tyler did with the clothes after Carmen and Sapphire returned to Elm Tree House.

Season Three

After Burnywood had to be closed due to a fire, Tyler and the other Burnywood kids were made to live at Elm Tree House. As Tyler already shared a room with Rick at Burnywood, he was made to share a room with Rick at Elm Tree. They moved into Sapphire's old bedroom, as she had left prior to the start of season three. Unfortunately, Tyler's arrival at the DG served to reopen old wounds for Carmen.

At the DG, Tyler, with the help of Liam and Frank poured washing up liquid down the tank of the toilet as a prank. This led to Elektra (and later Gus) being covered in soap suds after the toilet was flushed. Consequently, Carmen and Elektra, both seeking revenge, decided to take Tyler's belongings (as well as Rick's as they did not know what belonged to who), and set them on fire in the garden. It transpired that Tyler had somehow acquired fireworks and had stored them in his bag, as the fireworks ended up being set off.

As revenge on Carmen for this, Tyler proceeded to fill Carmen's shampoo bottle with glue, leading to Carmen having a bad hair day after she had bathed. After Tracy was knocked down the stairs by Kitty, however, both Tyler and Carmen decided to call it quits on their feud.

In Series 3 episode 3, Tyler took advantage of the power cut to mess around with a ventriloquists doll, making Johnny jump. In Series 3 episode 4, he, along with Elektra got Liam back (he has stolen Tyler's [rightfully Liam's] mp3 player) by moving his entire bedroom into the garden, outside the 300ft guide line (Liam had a tag on at the time). During the holiday, he along with Rick, Lily and Carmen were planning to soak Tracy with water guns before they were interrupted by the sheep that Tee had let into the house.

Tyler had a secret problem of wettting the bed that no one knew about until he started to share a room with Rick. Everyone else later found out when Johnny and Elektra sabotaged the pride awards and stumbled on the secret. Tyler says that this problem stems from him dreaming that the room fills with with water, bu he combat this problem when Harry told him that when he has this dream, dream that he is in a boat. This works and after he discovers this, he gets Johnny back for letting his secret out in the first place by dipping his hand in a bucket of cold water so he would wet the bed himself.

The Dumping Ground

Season One

Season Two

His mum visits in Holding On.

Season Three

In It's Not About the Money, Tyler wanted a new magic trick. However, he was out of money and was not happy that Mike allowed Bailey to get new football boots, but would not get Tyler a new magic trick. Tyler and Jody attempted to land custard on top of Bailey and film this, only for Jody to fall on top of Tyler and miss Bailey being covered in custard. The idea was if they filmed it, they could send it into a competition and win £250.

This incident was witnessed by Ryan, who told Tyler that he needed a better idea.

The idea was that during the preparations for Harry's leaving party, Tyler would "accidentally" spill something on him, then whilst he was supposed to be getting a clean shirt, he would steal one of the computers. Ryan would then take the rubbish out and collect the computer from Tyler (who he also made throw the rubbish out). The other Dumping Ground would then think a robbery had taken place, but would at least get money from the insurance. Tyler was worried that the police would implicate him due to his fingerprints being all over the computer, but Ryan reassure Tyler that all of their fingerprints would be over the computer.

Tyler and Ryan then took the computer to a second hand computer shop. However, they only managed to get £45 due to the age of the model. This disappointed Tyler, who was further disappointed when Ryan gave Tyler a smaller cut of the profit, which as it turned out would not be enough to buy the magic trick he wanted. Tyler received furthere disappointment on learning that Tee's project, which was unfinished, had been on the computer.

Tyler ended up being caught by Jody when she noticed him whispering to Tyler after learning about Tee's project. She followed Tyler to his bedroom and discovered that he had bought a magic trick despite the fact he had been without money earlier that day (and it was because of that fact she saw through his "sale" excsue). Tyler and Ryan ended up being frogmarched by Jody back to the shop, where they ended up staging a sit-in after the man refused to return the computer.

The computer was brought back, but Tyler confessed that he had taken the computer (but covered for Ryan) and ended up being reprimanded by the police and was also given extra chores and had his allowance stopped for a month.


Tyler has a light brown complexion, curly dark brown hair and is usually seen wearing t-shirts, knee length trousers and shorts. Tyler is a prankster, although kind-hearted.


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