Wilson is Tracy's ex-boyfriend. Elaine announces that a new kid, Wilson is arriving. Meanwhile, Tracy reckons it's about time Louise got her own back on her prankster boyfriend, Adam. All goes to plan (throwing water bombs, flour bombs and rotten eggs at him and locking him in the cellar) until Tracy realises that she's got the wrong guy. Elaine is horrified to discover Wilson emerging from the cellar, covered in flour and rotten eggs. She nearly punishes Tracy but Wilson stops her, saying that he did the deed to himself, claiming he loves the smell of rotten egg. This immediately makes Tracy suspicious of him and prepares for him to prank her back, giving him 24 hours to pull a prank.

Tracy's love-hate relationship with Wilson continues. She continues to resent him, but she does show signs of liking him, such as reciting a love poem for Lol and Crash's prank and cutting chewing gum out of his hair (this makes Justine believe they are in love). Meanwhile, Duke and Shelley are led a merry dance by some amorous text messages. Lol and Crash are responsible, but when the game is up it looks like Tracy is going to get the blame, as the boys hide the phone in her bag. However, Wilson takes the blame thinking he is doing it for Tracy. When Tracy asks him why he did it it results in them both snogging and Justine watching from behind, convincing her of their love. The next day Tracy is in a good mood as she waits to go to the hospital to visit his sick mum, but his mum got better and Wilson left without saying goodbye. This puts Tracy in a foul mood, especially as Justine is teasing her rotten about the kiss. Later, as the other kids prepare a time capsule, Tracy gets some photos of her and Wilson, with his phone number on the back. She shows Justine, but announces that she has no need for boys and that she is done with love.


He has light brown/ginger (seeing as his hair was orange-coloured in the cartoon), curly hair and tends to wear denim jackets and caps.


  • Wilson hates the smell of disinfectant.
  • Wilsons family is probably rich, as he owns several games consoles and gadgets.